Food logo has the power to bring forth memories of the delicious food that you have enjoyed in a particular restaurant. The logo will be a way by which consumers can connect with your brand and in turn recommend others. Hence your logo has to be attractive and still showcase your type of food. Whether for a restaurant or takeaway food truck, in this article there are different logo designs that will put your business ahead of competitors.

Fast Food Logo Design

fast food logo design

Simple and eye-catching, this fast food logo is easy to remember. It has a vector design and EPS file types. The text is bold and features a cute mustache together with the traditional chef’s hat.

Dog Food Logo

dog food logo

If you sell pet’s food, then this logo design is for you. The design is resizable; the text is editable and is fully editable. It is also fully layered and you can customize the color to suit your restaurant’s theme. You may also see Burger Logo Designs

Food Product Logo Design

food product logo design

With catchy red, gray and white colors, food logos will remind customers why they keep coming back. It is suitable for any business that sells processed meat.

Food Service Logo

food service logo

Give your food truck a modern appeal using food service logo design. It uses CMYK color mode, is fully editable and comes with free fonts. With this logo design you can easily customize the text and color. You may also see Restaurant Logo Designs

Organic Food Logo

organic food logo

Whether you prefer the green color or black and white, organic food logos are popular. With many people moving towards organic food choices, using this logo you will quickly catch the attention of consumers.

Vintage Food Logo Design

vintage food logo design

In this set instead of one design, you get nine vintage food logos and free fonts! It is also compatible with Adobe CS and Photoshop making it easier to work with this design.

Food Truck Logo Design

food truck logo design

If you have a food truck then this logo design is for you. It features attractive blue and white colors as well as a large fork which acts as an eating symbol.

Healthy Food Logo Idea

healthy food logo idea

Show people that you sell healthy food by opting for a healthy food logo. It has a heart symbol which is made of healthy foods. Fitness coach, dietician, healthcare experts and food writers can use this logo.

Sea Food Logo

sea food logo

If you sell seafood and need a logo design that will make a bold statement then go for this seafood logo. The translucent colors will complement the sea environment.

Simple Food Logo

simple food logo

Simple food logo features a fork and a knife which will clearly indicate that you sell food. You can easily customize this design to create your ideal company logo.

Food Station Logo Design

food station logo design

Food Spot Logo

food spot logo

Green Food Logo

green food logo

Food Shop Logo Design

food shop logo design

Healthy Fast Food Logo

healthy fast food logo

Hot Food Logo

hot food logo

Junk Food Logo

junk food

Frozen Food Logo

frozen food logo

Food Zest Logo Design

food zest logo design

Flying Food Circus Logo

flying food circus logo

Diet Food Logo

diet food logo

Designing the perfect business logo can be time-consuming. However, with the above food logos which are easily downloadable, you can put more focus into providing tasty food that will keep customers coming back. Easy to remember design will help showcase the quality service you provide and the type of food available.

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