Here’s a selection of fresh ideas from designers across the globe. The best thing about each logo here is that each support a high degree of customization and soon can be the face of your brand. While few things would be more enticing than fresh baked bread and pastries, the use of the right kind of imagery can boost the likability of your product to a great extent. Logos are a means to inspire a positive connection between the food and the customer. Hope the logos presented below inspire your enough!

Golden Bakery Logo

golden bakery logo

This logo is perfect for someone associated with the name Golden Bakery (quite common with every city in the world having one!). 3D like textures offers a posh and professional appeal to the design, making it easy to remember and recall. If you are serving fresh bread and bread products, this logo can be a great asset for your business.

Cupcake Bakery Logo Template

cupcake bakery logo template

A highly customizable pastry logo, the look created by the design is quite relevant to the expectations of a customer. Colorful and fluffy, these represents pastries that one would like to have anytime of the day! The logo is available in color, grayscale and solid versions and thus can be adapted to put into multiple usages. Further, you can also change the text to make the design suit your product line.

Bakery Vector Logo Template

bakery vector logo template

Cupcakes are the most representative way to market your bakery business. With this logo, things get a notch more desirable. The fresh design and textures integrated into the logo will certainly attract the attention. The text here is completely customizable and being a vector graphics, you can put the logo into all kinds of prints – truck sticker, t-shirt print, hoarding design, cake box print and more.

Happy Bakery Roll Logo

happy bakery roll logo

Is Swiss role the most representative item of your bakery business? Here’s a creative logo that perfectly dedicates itself to the idea. Fresh and simple, this is a logo that can be used everywhere – be it your promotional catalogue or your letterhead watermark. The item also comes in three different versions – white background, black background and color background. This makes is completely easy to work upon.

Artisan Bakery Logo

artisian bakery logo

Love the look of hot and crusty bread? We all do! Here’s an incredible logo that rightly evokes this emotion and can help you better connect with your customer.Loved our logos? Also, if you have designed something fresh and unique for yourself, do share it with us.

Bio Bakery Logo Design

bio bakery logo design

This incredibly fresh burger logo is representative of green ingredients to create delicious looking food. Just put in your slogan and you are ready to make a mark among your audience. Available as an EPS and AI file, this logo can be used for all kinds of professional image editing applications, making your work easier.

Bakery and Coffee Logo Template

bakery and coffee logo template

A bun and a cuppa go hand in hand. So, why not make use of this connection to your marketing advantage? Here’s the perfect bakery and coffee logo template that suits your requirements.

Cafe Bakery Logo Design

cafe bakery logo design

Freshly Baked Logo Design

freshly baked logo design

Sound Sweet Bakery Logo

sound sweet bakery logo

Highly Decorated Bakery Logo Design

highly decorated bakery logo design

Bake House Logo

bake house logo

Royal Dutch Bakery Logo

royal dutch bakery logo

Orange Cupcake Bakery Logo Design

orange cupcake bakery logo design

Tasty Baker Logo Idea

tasty baker logo idea

Bakery Shop Logo

bakery shop logo

Monarch Bakery Logo Design

monarch bakery logo design

Crown Bakery Logo

crown bakery logo

Bakery cafe Logo Design

bakery cafe logo design

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