Illustrations are a form of visual art that is used in graphic design, magazines, brochures, animations and posters. An illustration is basically the visual interpretation of a general idea or a specific concept that will adorn a project. From web design to drawing and from collage to 3D modeling, the techniques and styles that are used have a great range. We have picked a list of illustrations in order to showcase the different specialist areas.

Fashion Illustrations

Drawings of fashion illustrations have been around for decades. Detailed designs combined with colors and elegant lines can give you the best results to attract everyone’s attention. You can find memorable fashion illustration templates that will give you a sort of canvas to design your own fashion ideas and concepts.

Vintage Fashion Illustration

vintage fashion illustration

Vector Fashion Illustration

vector fashion illustration

Flower Illustrations

An illustration can be used as a background element to enhance a product. There is a great variety of flower illustrations that will help you choose the right one for you. You can find templates with flower illustrations in all jpg and eps format files in ready to use versions.

Lotus Flower Illustration

lotus flower illustration

Spring Flower Illustration

spring flower illustration

Rose Flower Illustration

rose flower illustration

Book Illustrations

You can find many book illustrations in different styles and with different techniques to use in the books you design. The variety will give you the opportunity to choose the best ones and create something that will be memorable. Available in most known format files to fully customize and modify.

Comic Book Illustration

comic book illustration

Story Book Illustration

story book illustration

Vintage Book Illustration

vintage book illustration

Tree Illustrations

Create a logo using an illustration. Trees are great symbols of nature making them ideal for logo designs. Use a tree illustration for magazines, companies and web site logos. Available in psd, png and eps format files, you will be able to modify and edit them to fit your needs.

Palm Tree Illustration

palm tree illustration

Pine Tree Illustration

pine tree illustration

Owl Illustrations

Owls have been a trend for a few years now. They are a symbol of wisdom and they look cute in most projects. You can incorporate an owl illustration in web designs, books, brochures, logos and greeting cards. Find them in fully editable format files in high resolutions and quality.

Baby Owl Illustration

baby owl illustration

Vintage Owl Illustration

vintage owl illustration

Heart Illustrations

Heart drawings in abstract designs, watercolors or collage look amazing and have a sweet and welcoming look. Ideal for web sites, brochures, fliers, posters and Valentine’s Day greeting cards, you can find templates of heart illustration in almost every known format file with editable properties that you can fully customize.

Broken Heart Illustration

broken heart illustration

Love Heart Illustration

love heart illustration

Wedding Heart Illustration

wedding heart illustration

Bird Illustrations

These designs are perfect for books and web sites related to birds and their species. You can find a multitude of different designs that will help you decorate your work providing informative visual assistance to those that are interesting with the subject. Find them in eps and jpg format files.

Love Birds Illustration

love birds illustration

Flying Bird Illustration

flying bird illustration

Black and White Bird Illustration

black and white bird illustration

Animal Illustrations

In the web, you can find amazing drawings of animals that you can use in your projects. These templates of animal illustrations have stunning colors and incredible style that will help you add character to your projects. Available in psd, jpg and png format files to modify and amaze everyone.

Baby Animal Illustration

baby animal illustration

Farm Animal Illustration

farm animal illustration

Wild Animal Illustration

wild animal illustration

Vintage Illustrations

Add a timeless quality in all your projects using vintage illustrations. You can decide a hand drawn design to give you a more retro look. Find templates with vintage illustrations in most format files and in high quality that will give you remarkably high resolution and a more detailed work.

Vintage Flower Illustration

vintage flower illustration

Vintage Animal Illustration

vintage animal illustration

Lion Illustrations

Lions are the kings of the animal kingdom so their illustrations will make your projects look like royalty. Choose a design in colorful or black and white version depending on the project’s nature. Available in png, jpg and eps format files, they will allow you to edit them to fit.

Roaring Lion Illustration

roaring lion illustration

Lion Face Illustration

lion face illustration

Cartoon Lion Illustration

cartoon lion illustration

Cartoon Illustrations

Cartoon illustrations are suitable for comics, books and magazines as well as for digital and printed designs. You can decorate your project with a cartoon illustration and be sure that it will be successful into attracting attention. Find cartoon illustration templates in eps, psd and jpg formats for easy editing.

Cartoon Character Illustration

cartoon character illustration

Cartoon Dog Illustration

cartoon dog illustration

Cartoon Bird Illustration

cartoon bird illustration

Portrait Illustrations

Add a personalized effect on your projects with stunning portrait illustrations. Hand-drawn, black and white or colorful, watercolors or acrylics, even with collage quality, a portrait will make everyone stop and stare at your creation. Suitable for every project, you can find them in almost every known format file.

Vector Portrait Illustration

vector portrait illustration

Abstract Portrait Illustration

abstract portrait illustration

Family Portrait Illustration

family portrait illustration

Sports Illustrations

Sports illustrations are ideal for books, magazines, web sites and brochures. You can find excellent templates with sports illustrations that will help you decorate your projects in the most effective way. Available in png, jpg and psd format files to customize and edit according to your project’s needs.

Sports Vector Illustration

sports vector illustration

Sports Car Illustration

sports car illustration

Funny Illustrations

A touch of humor is always attractive. Add a funny illustration in order to make a joke or to make a point. Colors and creative ideas are your allies in this illustrations category. Suitable for every project you can find templates with cartoon illustrations with customization properties for easy and fast editing.

Funny Cat Illustration

funny cat illustration

Funny Cartoon Illustration

funny cartoon illustration

Halloween Illustrations

Spook your audience with a Halloween illustration. You can consider a hand drawn version in order to give a homey and retro feeling to your projects. Available in almost every format file with editable characteristics to help you design and decorate stunning and eye-catching projects for memorable Halloween season.

Happy Halloween Illustration

happy halloween illustration

Halloween Witch Illustration

halloween witch illustration

Cupcake Illustrations

Cupcakes are amazing, to eat or look at. For this reason, you can choose a cupcake illustration for your next project. It can work perfectly for books, food magazines as well as for websites and blogs. You can find these designs in psd, jpg and png format to edit.

Birthday Cupcake Illustration

birthday cupcake illustration

Vintage Cupcake Illustration

vintage cupcake illustration

Feather Illustrations

Feather designs come mostly in a pack, giving you versatile and multiple choices to use in many projects. Feathers bring a soft and ethnic note to every project giving you the opportunity to decorate with stylish designs. Find them in png, jpg and pdf format files with full customizable properties.

Peacock Feather Illustration

peacock feather illustration

Black Feather Illustration

black feather illustration

Eagle Feather Illustration

eagle feather illustration

Tribal Illustrations

Illustrations can be used in many different projects. From prints to digital works you can choose amazing tribal illustrations to decorate your projects effectively. You can find templates of tribal illustrations on the web with high-quality properties and great resolution for amazing results. Available in psd and eps formats.

Tribal Cross Illustration

tribal cross illustration

Tribal Butterfly Illustration

tribal butterfly illustration

Hipster Illustrations

Hipster illustrations have a unique style that is attractive to younger ages. You can use these illustration templates for projects like books, comics, greeting cards and websites. Available in eps, jpg and png format files you can achieve really amazing results with their editable properties for unique projects.

Hipster Beard Illustration

hipster beard illustration

Hipster Character Illustration

hipster character illustration

Hipster Girl Illustration

hipster girl illustration

Eagle Illustrations

Eagles are noble and beautiful creatures. Bring these characteristics into your projects with eagle illustrations. You can decide on black and white or colorful versions to style and decorate your projects. Available in psd, png and jpg format files you can edit and modify accordingly to add a noble character.

Vintage Eagle Illustration

vintage eagle illustration

Bald Eagle Illustration

bald eagle illustration

Illustrations have a multidimensional purpose. They are mostly used to attract attention. On the other hand, they work as an explanation for text content, providing visual insight and enhancing the readers or the viewers understanding. An illustration might be easier to remember than text is, which means that it helps in many fields that require the use of visual means like scientific illustration or medical illustration.

Use an illustration to catch your target audience’s attention. Play with the illustrations and create complexity. Use combinations of colors, shapes and patterns to make your project stand out. We hope that our collection of illustrations will give you an insight and new ideas to help you create high-quality projects.

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