A calendar design has to be creative and inspiring for the new year that is to come. Creating and finding the right design takes some time. Unique designs with modern and innovative approach are sure to catch everyone’s eye making them a first choice. From desk calendars to mobile phones the variety is great. For today’s post, we scoped out the most amazing calendar designs we could find and we are sharing them with you.

Event Calendar Designs

An event calendar needs to be interesting and to showcase every event in a pleasant way. Choose a colorful approach categorizing events in colors. This will help everyone find the desired event with ease. Available in most known format files you can find many stunning templates with beautiful calendar designs.

Event Schedule Calendar Template

event schedule calendar template

Weekly Event Calendar Template

weekly event calendar template

Monthly Event Calendar Design

monthly event calendar design

Wall Calendar Designs

A single page calendar is ideal for wall calendar design. You can create a pattern with the months and days forming a shape giving you a creative design. Setting a neutral or dramatic background will make the calendar look polished and chic. Find it in psd, eps and jpg formats.

Corporate Wall Calendar Design

corporate wall calendar design

Desk Calendar Designs

Coloring pages are one of the latest trends. This is a great idea to use for a desk calendar design. Every month will have a specific and related coloring image in black and white making it modern and stylish. Available in eps, psd and png format files you can customize.

Corporate Desk Calendar Design

corporate desk calendar design

Blank Desk Calendar

blank desk calendar

Multipurpose Desk Calendar Design

multipurpose desk calendar design

Modern Calendar Designs

A modern calendar design needs to look neat with a touch of minimalist. Use colors and images to decorate each month. You can choose a certain color scheme or you can just go with the flow. There are many remarkable designs available in most known format files to edit accordingly.

Modern Wall Calendar Design

modern wall calendar design

Modern Desk Calendar Template

modern desk calendar template

Corporate Calendar Designs

Corporate calendars are used for branding purposes. Most times they have the company’s brand and other time they have additional decorative elements. According to the company’s style the appropriate design can be used. Available in jpg, psd and eps format files you can fully modify and customize the design accordingly.

Corporate Desk Calendar

corporate desk calendar

Marketing Calendar Designs

Get a marketing calendar in order to keep track of all the important events and deadlines. Business appointments, presentations and any other important tasks can be tracked with a marketing calendar design. Choose the right one for you from a great variety that comes in psd, eps and xls formats.

Monthly Marketing Calendar Design

monthly marketing calendar design

School Calendar Designs

A school calendar needs to be pleasant. Using bright and vibrant colors along with creative and funny illustrations can give you an amazing end result. Find creative templates of school calendar designs in most known format files that have full layered properties allowing you to edit to fit your needs.

Back to School Calendar Design

back to school calendar design

School Desk Calendar Template

school desk calendar template

Birthday Calendar Designs

There are many different templates suitable for birthday calendars. The most common designs have a guide to get you through the editing process while offering free fonts. You can also find incredible templates that can be modified occasionally to set reminders. Available in psd and eps files with customizable properties.

Monthly Calendar Designs

Monthly calendars are a common design for templates. Each month is printed on a separate page following a standard pattern. However you can mix things up using illustrations and other decorations. Add colors and you will have an amazing calendar. Find them in most known format files with editable properties.

Monthly Desk Calendar Template

monthly desk calendar template

Monthly Wall Calendar Design

monthly wall calendar design

Pocket Calendar Designs

A pocket calendar can be useful for everyday use. Their size is great to carry them around in your pocket or in a handbag. They can also be used for branding reasons in companies and businesses. You can find them in psd, jpg and eps format files with high resolution.

Printable Pocket Calendar Design

printable pocket calendar design

Folding Pocket Calendar Design

folding pocket calendar design

Mobile Calendar Designs

Everyone has a mobile phone. This makes it easier for scheduling and planning in everyday, monthly or year-long basis. Mobile calendar designs are easy to use, offering great levels of convenience. You can find stunning designs in most known format files that you can fully customize to make it personal

Mobile Web Calendar Design

mobile web calendar design

Mobile App Calendar Design

mobile app calendar design

Social Media Calendar Designs

Social media are strong and important marketing tools for companies and businesses. Having a solid plan that will schedule your day to day social media program will help you prioritize what needs to be done. You can find templates for this in almost every known format file to help you.

 Social Media Doodle Calendar Template

doodle social media calendar template

Social Media Planning Calendar

social media planning calendar

Photo Calendar Designs

Creating a photo calendar is a great way to use your photos. It can be used by professionals as a portfolio. This is a great way to showcase your work. Photo calendar designs come in all format files with layered properties that allow you to add and edit your photos.

Photo Collage Calendar Template

photo collage calendar template

Photo Wall Calendar Design

photo wall calendar design

Photo Desk Calendar Template

photo desk calendar template

Training Calendar Designs

Training needs hard work and great scheduling. You can achieve both with the right training calendar design. You can choose among a variety of templates that have stunning color combinations and free fonts that will help you organize your training program. Available in editable psd, excel and eps format files.

Annual Training Calendar Design

annual training calendar design

Daily Calendar Designs

Daily planning calendars are perfect to sort out your daily schedule. There are amazing designs that range from hard cover versions to digital ones for your mobile phone. Available in excel, eps and psd format files, allow you to modify and personalize it easily in daily or even hourly basis.

Daily Planner Calendar Template

daily planner calendar template

Thanksgiving Calendar Designs

In case you have a company then you can use calendars for Thanksgiving to offer to your clients. This will help you build awareness to new and existing clientele. You can find stunning template designs for Thanksgiving calendar that you can customize and add your company’s logo for branding purposes.

Thanksgiving Day Calendar Template

thanksgiving day calendar template


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