Widgets are great additions onto your phone, tablet, or laptop screen to help you keep it organised, as well as get all of the information you need on a regular basis in one place. This list has put together a wide range of widget options and designs to help you develop your own widget, or to help you find the widgets that you may need yourself in order to make the most of the home page of your device.

Weather Widget Designs

This simple 2D weather widget uses red and green to make this simple and clear widget design. This design is perfect for a smart phone weather application design for all ages.

Weather Widgets for Website

weather wdgets for website

Android Weather Widgets

android weather widgets

Transparent Weather Widgets

transparent weather widget

Calendar Widgets

This calendar widget design uses plain block colours to show the days date, then has a calendar design underneath with coloured circles to show a date with a planned event.

Month Calendar Widgets

month calendar widgets

Flat Style Calendar Widgets

flat style calendar widgets

Minimal Calendar Widgets

minimal calendar widgets

Clock Widgets

This clock widget design has a simple black background and creates a circle with bright colours. These colours are also used in the text and numbers that show the date, day, and time in the centre to make a clear and pretty design for a phone lock screen.

Digital Clock Widgets

digital clock widgets

Analog Clock Widgets

analog clock widgets

Android Widgets

This android widget design is a clever to do list app and widget with a map, shopping list, to do list, and other reminders to help to organise your life. This widget is ideal for smartphones.

Android Clock Widget Design

android clock widget design

Android Weather Widget Design

android weather widget design

Music Widgets

This music widget is a simple grey flat design that features the image of the album cover as it plays the music. This widget design is perfect for many different devices to play your favourite songs.

Music Player Widget

music player widget

Mini Music Player Widget

mini music player widget

Notes Widget Designs

This notes widget is a sticky note app that sends reminders onto the lock screen of your phone to keep you organised and hep you get tasks done. This widget is perfect for a smart phone.

Daily Notes Widget Design

daily notes widget design

Tab Widgets Designs

This tab widget gives the images of each app on your phone in one place to make it easier to navigate your phone and access different applications. This is ideal for a smart phone menu.

Android Tab Widgets

android tab widgets

Twitter Widget Designs

This twitter widget is a simple newsfeed of the most recent tweets and posts from the people that you follow so that you can keep up to date with your phone whilst you are on the move.

Twitter Follow Widget Design

twitter follow widget design

PSD Twitter Widget Design

psd twitter widget design

Search Widgets Designs

This search widget is a simple grey and white search bar that you can add onto a blog or website in order to help users navigate the site much easier.

Destination Search Widget Design

destination search widget design

Widget UI Designs

This widget Ui design is a simple grey design with a red banner. This widget is specifically for disk and usage space, making it ideal for laptops, phones, and tablets so that you can track your memory and other usages.

Weather Widget UI Design

weather widget ui design

Battery Widget Designs

This battery widget design is a battery widget with green filling which changes as your battery life changes. This widget is ideal for a phone screen in order to keep track of your batter usage.

iPhone Battery Widgets

iphone battery widgets

Date Widget Designs

This date design is a small, flat widget design that shows the dates and times of appointments and events that are programmed into your phone. Each event has it’s own colour and you can colour code each one to your own customisations.

Date Picker Widget Design

date picker widget design

Desktop Widgets

This set of desktop widgets are simple black squares with white text that show on your laptop screen to remind you of a to do list, any events or appointments, and other customisable reminders to help you stay organised.

Desktop Countdown Widgets

desktop countdown widgets

Counter Widgets

This counter widget is a simple black, white, and red counter widget that counts the number of followers that you have on various different forms of social media so that you can keep track of all of your accounts.

Profile Widget PSD

This profile widget is a simple widget that uses your profile image with your name and occupation. This is perfect for an online portfolio in order to help advertise yourself for different jobs.

Tabbed Profile Widget

tabbed profile widget

Profile Widget for Android

profile widget for android

Payment Widgets

This payment widget gives you a quick list of payment plans for different products. This widget can be added onto an e-commerce or blog site to help sell different packages. The design has a different colour for each package and shows what is included in each one.

Payment Terminal Widget Design

payment terminal widget design

This list has some of the best designs for widgets, as well as a huge range of different widgets that are already available to help you develop your own widget, or simply develop your home page to accommodate all of your needs. We are confident that this list will help you find all that you need from your widgets.

How are widgets useful?

Widgets help to put all of the important information that you need in one area so that you can stay as organised and as up to date as possible, no matter how busy you are.

Where are they used?

Most commonly, widgets are placed on the home screens of phones, tablets, and laptops, as these are the devices that we use the most often, and having all of the information in this one area can be very useful.

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