There is no eye makeup that looks sexier than blazing hazel color. The good news is that hazel eye makeup is a demure, soft look which you can flaunt anytime. The makeup style is simply beautiful and somewhat mysterious, so picking out the right hazel eye makeup is crucial. So, have you ever questioned what makeup look best for your eyes? Here are some basic hazel eye makeup guidelines that are tried and tested for selecting your eye makeup.

Dianna Agron Unique Hazel Eye Makeup

dianna agron unique hazel eye makeup

If you really wish to bring out those brown shades why not do your eyeshadow right up and go for some brown shade. This will surely bring out every single fascia of color in your hazel eyes. Pair your flirty eye makeup like Dianna Agron – natural, glowing skin and nude red-gloss for a feminine and romantic final look.

Olivia Wilde Hazel Eye Makeup

olivia wilde hazel eye makeup

Actress Olivia Wilde looks simply beautiful with her warm hazel eye shadow along with thick beautiful eyelashes. She wears a blend of copper and silver eye shadow that is very flattering for her hazel/ green eyes. Go for this eye makeup for a subtle, flirty look.

Rihanna Hazel Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

rihanna hazel eye makeup for brown eyes

Rihanna, a Barbadian  songwriter and singer, looks amazingly glamorous with her subtle-yet-stylish eye shadow and glowing complexion. She sports a light black and silver color in the outer corners of her eyes. Make your eyeshadow visible to everyone by applying just one coat of mascara to your lashes. When you have a smoky, dark eye makeup, it’s a advisable to keep the rest of your makeup (like cheeks and lips) muted and neutral to avoid overkill.

Hillary Duff Gold Hazel Eye Makeup

hillary duff gold hazel eye makeup

Look effortlessly glamorous like the American actress and singer Hilary Duff  above. Go for a subtle, dewy eye shadow that will brighten your skin tone and a slick of clear lip-gloss that will give you a natural yet stylish look. To recreate this gold hazel eye makeup you must pay extra attention to your type of mascara and lashes.

Emma Stone Hazel Eye Makeup for Green Eyes

emma stone hazel eye makeup for green eyes

This is certainly one of the best makeup colors for hazel eyes for the reason that not only does it bring out the flecks of green, but it’ll also bring out the flecks of brown! Try just a swipe of groomed brows, pink lipstick, rosy cheeks and ladies you’ll see an amazing difference!

Selena Gomez Hazel Pink Eye Makeup

selena gomez hazel pink eye makeup

Makeup for hazel eyes are the newest fashion fad you will see everywhere. It is a different makeup color for hazel eyes that looks astonishing! Just like gold or silver eye makeup you can always try pink eye makeup to give yourself a different look. Pink eye makeup is a pretty chick that creates a pretty face. Just a few little black liner of pink around your eyes and girls, you’ll see just how attractive hazel pink eye makeup can be!

If you want to make your distinctive color pop, go for an unusual eye shadows. Give a try with some impressive eyeliner and see what a change it makes to your hazel eyes! This look is just perfect for night outings or party. Give it a try girls!

Hazel Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes

hazel eye makeup for blue eyes


When it comes to amping up your blue eye color, choosing the right hazel eye color shade can be the solution. Fill your waterline with the mean of gray eye pencil. Apply aerial style black eyeliner. Try using false eyelashes to get the most attractive girl look. In case you don’t wish to apply that then go for  a mascara that will get  the volume to your lashes.

Black Hazel Eye Shadow

black hazel eye shadow


Define your eyes with this luscious lashes and bold brows. The girl sports glowing dark eye shadow,  in the outer corners of her eyes, and thick black eyeliner on her waterline. So ladies try “tightlining” your eyes to get this look!

Gold Hazel Eye Shadow

gold hazel eye shadow


Golden colors are appropriate for every eye color. When it comes to hazel eyes, golden eye shadow can bring superb results. Go with a palette that has golden shimmer and hues to make those gold flecks pop. The model in the image looks simply stunning with her golden eye shadow makeup and thick, curled black eyelashes. Her look is fresh and classy with delicate shimmery eye shadow in the same tone as her dusky skin tone.

Hazel Light Green Eye Makeup

hazel light green eye makeup


Bronze Hazel Eye Makeup

bronze hazel eye makeup


Hazel Blue Eye Makeup

hazel blue eye makeup


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