Halloween is a great time for kids and teenagers to dress up and experiment with fantasy makeup. This year, spice up your costume by experimenting with awesome snow makeup designs. Just like the snow white standard look is red lips, black hair, and bold eyes; you can also use the cat makeup to recreate this design. Whether you want a cute princess look or a flesh eating snow zombie, this list has snow makeup design that suits you.

Snow Queen Makeup Idea

snow queen makeup idea


Winter is a time to cover yourself with warm clothing and it can also be a time to experiment with different snow makeup ideas. Add shiny embellishments to your eyebrows and highlight the edges of the eye with a white eye pencil.

Snow Eye Makeup Idea

snow eye makeup idea


Make your eyes stand out this winter by using white color to create that frozen effect. For this look create a cat eye effect with white eyeshadow and add a few white strands on the eyebrows.

Fairy Snow Makeup Idea

fairy snow makeup idea


Blue and white snow makeup is a design that even adults will love. By adding snowflakes on the hair, white dramatic eyelashes and glitters on both the blue eyeshade and lipstick, you too can look like a fairy snow queen.

Snow Princess Makeup

snow princess makeup


When it comes to creating a snow princess look, then simplicity is key. With this look, you need to make your eyes stand out. Apply a blue eye pencil under the eyelid and highlight your eyelashes using white mascara.

Snow Makeup for Kids

snow makeup for kids


Snow makeup for kids needs to portray fun yet creative look. Opt for a blue color to create frozen face paint, add a few star designs on the blue shade and complete the fun look by adding white glitters.

Silver Snow Makeup Idea

silver snow makeup idea


Adults who are looking for a unique winter photo shoot idea can go for silver snow eye makeup to portray an elegant style. Complete the look by adding a bold white flower headband and apply mascara to define your eyelashes.

If extreme makeup is more your style, then opt for a fantasy snow makeup to create that ice queen look. Don’t shy away from using lots and lots of glitters; you can even go ahead and add small pearls on the face.

Frozen Snow Makeup

frozen snow makeup


When it comes to theatricals arts, you need to use makeup that will bring the character to life. For a snow princess look, apply white eye pencil on both the upper and lower eyelid and add an icicle crown.

Snow Zombie Makeup

snow zombie makeup


If you’re tired of the cute princess look, then go for a snow zombie character. Teenagers and young ladies can either use snow makeup or mime makeup to create that zombie effect. Make the look creepier by adding spider webs.

People expect an evil ice queen to be mean looking and ugly! However, you can change this tradition by opting to recreate this beautiful but evil ice queen using snow makeup. Incorporate blue makeup and make your eyebrows darker.

Scary Snow Eye Makeup

scary eye snow makeup


Floral Snow Makeup Idea

floral snow makeup idea


Snow makeup can either be fun or boring depending on your creativity. While white color shades can create a perfect snow eye for winter; you can further create a masterpiece by opting for tropical eye makeup.

Snow Face Makeup

snow face makeup


Halloween and performing arts are not just about dressing up in bold costumes, but also using makeup to reinforce your characters traits. For prom makeup, opt for bright colors and glitters to give your look that dramatic effect. So, get your creativity on and experiment with any of this snow makeup ideas.

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