Whether you’re going for a date, prom or a girl’s night out, you need makeup that portrays your fun and romantic side. Red and smoky eye are the standard makeups for a romantic holiday or event; however, you can opt for purple makeup ideas that will make you look elegant and chic. The key is to have fun with your makeup. So, whether it’s with your lips or eyes, there’s a romantic makeup idea that will definitely suit you.

Dark Romantic Makeup

Dark Romantic Makeup Source

When it comes to bridal makeup that will make you look romantic, then hazel eye makeup design will help you stand out. For this look, create a cat eye design with a white eye pencil and add a purple floral headband.

Romantic Wedding Makeup

Romantic Wedding Makeup Source

In a wedding when the flowers are bright in color, your makeup should be simple. Opt for a romantic wedding makeup that incorporates a bright pink lipstick, a smoky eye, and bold eyelashes.

Asian Romantic Makeup

Asian Romantic Makeup Source

An Asian romantic makeup utilizes glitters and top updos hairstyle. What’s unique about this makeup is that it allows all your facial features to stand out. So add eyelashes and apply glitters on your eyes to look chic and elegant.

Romantic Makeup for Brown Eyes

Romantic Makeup for Brown Eyes Source

If you need your brown eyes to stand out, then go for romantic makeup for brown eyes. With a smoky eye, dark colored lipstick and brown hair you too can look classy and mysterious.

Bridal Romantic Makeup

Bridal Romantic Makeup Source

A beautiful romantic look is just what you need to complete your wedding day. For a romantic bridal makeup instead of the black smoky eye, fill the lower and upper eyelid with purple eyeliner to define your eyes.

Red Lipstick Makeover

Red Lipstick Makeover Source

Red lipstick is the go-to shade for a romantic makeover. While the lips take center stage with its bold color, the eyes also have to complement the makeup. Opt for a cat eye design and curl your eyelashes.

Romantic Pink Makeup Look

Romantic Pink Makeup Look Source

Matching soft pink lips with eyeshadow is the perfect way to portray a romantic look. To complete this look, apply a pink blush on your cheekbones and add two coatings of mascara on your eyelashes.

Romantic Eye Shadow Makeup

Romantic Eye Shadow Makeup Source

Full eyelashes portray a romantic and flirty meaning that is hard to ignore. To get bold lashes apply a coat of mascara then curl your lashes. If they still don’t look full add individual false lashes till you’re satisfied with the outcome.

Silver Glitter Eye Makeup

Silver Glitter Eye Makeup Source

If you’re looking for a unique bridal or wedding makeup, then opt for silver glitter eye makeup. For this look apply silver eyeliner on the lower lid of your eyes and use a concealer to hide any blemishes on the face.

Purple Eye Shadow Makeover

Purple Eye Shadow Makeover Source

Ladies, who love bold colors, can opt for purple eyeshadow makeup. To make the look bolder, use purple makeup on the eyebrows, lips, and cheekbones. This makeover draws attention in a classy and feminine way. You may also see Formal Makeup Designs

Cute Romantic Makeup

Cute Romantic Makeup Source

Romantic Makeover for Wedding

Romantic Makeover for Wedding Source

Cool Pink Lips Makeover

Cool Pink Lips Makeover Source

Romantic Smokey Eye Makeup

Romantic Smokey Eye Makeup Source

Bright Romantic Makeup Idea

Bright Romantic Makeup Idea Source

Romantic Spring Look Makeup

Romantic Spring Look Makeup Source

Romantic Makeup for Cat Eyes

Romantic Makeup for Cat Eyes Source

Black and Pink Eye Makeup

Black and Pink Eye Makeup Source

Valentine Makeup for Women

Valentine Makeup for Women Source

Romantic Eyes and Lips Makeup

Romantic Eyes and Lips Makeup Source

Simple Smokey Eye Makeup

Simple Smokey Eye Makeup Source

How to keep your romantic makeup subtle?

Start by applying foundation to cover up any blemishes and to provide a smooth base to work on. Instead of the black smokey eye go for nude colors or neutral gold, apply eyeliner and then add mascara to your lashes. Using a hint of blush highlight your cheekbones and apply a red lipstick.

Makeup should make you look flawless in the easiest way possible. While a smoky eye was once the go to romantic eye makeup, pastel makeup is eradicating everyday makeup by incorporating bold colors. For spring or summer why not change your tradition makeup routine and go for delicate shades of purple or pink to brighten your eyes and lips.

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