Asymmetrical bobs have become the go-to haircut thanks to models, celebrities and beauty bloggers embracing this haircut. It gives an edge to the standard bob haircuts and is ideal for people who prefer chin length hair. This Bob differs from A-line and graduated bobs because one side of the front hair is longer than the other. From adding bangs, colors to weaves, this article has different asymmetrical bob haircuts that will complement your lifestyle and personality.

Long Asymmetrical Bob

Put more focus on your eyes by opting for long asymmetrical bob. Collar grazing bob lengths are perfect for helping the face to look slimmer especially for ladies with a round face. To complete your look, add simple makeup and wear a sparkly necklace.

Jennifer Lawrence Long Asymmetrical Bob

jennifer lawrence long asymmetrical bob1

Layered Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts

Layered asymmetrical bobs can help camouflage the uneven hair growth process making this haircut ideal for ladies who want to grow their tresses. This hairstyle creates volume and texture which will make your bob look fresh and timeless. Make it cute by adding highlights.

Tyra Banks Layered Asymmetrical Bob Haircut

tyra banks layered asymmetrical bob haircut

Inverted Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts

Inverted asymmetrical bob which is also known as graduated bob features stacked back layers which are curved in a horseshoe shape. While the back hair length can vary from very low stacks to non-layered styles, the front hair is always longer.

Hayden Panettiere Inverted Asymmetrical Bob Haircut

hayden panettiere inverted asymmetrical bob haircut

Medium Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyles

The medium asymmetrical bob haircut is classy and will never go out of style. The medium hair texture works to make any face shape look youthful. To style this hair, wash your hair, apply a styling product and blow dry with a paddle brush.

Lisa Butcher Medium Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyle

lisa butcher medium asymmetrical bob hairstyle

Asymmetrical Bob With Bangs

Short bob haircuts are popular because they give endless styling options. Asymmetrical bob with bangs especially those with a hint of color make the lips, eyes and check bones eye-catching. The bangs can easily camouflage a high forehead and you can curl the hair ends to add volume.

Rihanna Asymmetrical Bob With Bangs

rihanna asymmetrical bob with bangs

Curly Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyles

Curly asymmetrical bob haircuts have a youthful vibe that teenagers, as well as older women can wear. They add volume especially to thin hair without sacrificing its low maintenance traits. Use a curling iron to add curls to the long front hair.

Beyonce Curly Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyle

beyonce curly asymmetrical bob hairstyle1

Short Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyles

Short asymmetrical bob hairstyles are for anyone who loves low maintenance haircuts. Romantic and chic, a deep side part can help add an edge to the bob. A touch of honey blonde or brown highlight will give you a fresh new look.

Elisha Cuthbert Short Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyle

elisha cuthbert short asymmetrical bob hairstyle

Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts For Round Face

Girls with round faces tend to wear their hair long to create a slimming effect. However, even asymmetrical bobs especially shoulder or chin length can help eliminate the roundness of the face and make the facial features pop. A bob with a heavy side bang will camouflage a plump face.

Emma Stone Layered Asymmetrical Bob Haircut

emma stone layered asymmetrical bob haircut

Asymmetrical Pixie Bob For Women

Be it on thick or thin hair, asymmetrical pixie haircuts are feminine and practical. This is the ideal short haircut for women who want a low maintenance style that fits their busy schedule. You can even go for a long pixie cut with layers.

Coco Rocha Asymmetrical Pixie Bob Haircut

coco rocha asymmetrical pixie bob haircut

Wavy Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts

Add glamor to your hairstyle by opting for wavy asymmetrical bob haircuts. You can experiment with messy wavy style which is appropriate for casual events or everyday fun activities. Sleek waves suit an office setting or a formal event where you need to look sophisticated.

Taylor Swift Wavy Asymmetrical Bob Haircut

taylor swift wavy asymmetrical bob haircut

Blonde Asymmetrical Bob

Do you want your face to look youthful? If yes, then opt for blonde asymmetrical bob. Add blonde ombre highlights at the hair tips to make your face brighter. This color is classy for work yet sexy enough for a romantic weekend. The color will add a dramatic effect that will help you feel like a diva.

Ashlee Simpson Blonde Asymmetrical Bob Haircut

ashlee simpson blonde asymmetrical bob haircut

Asymmetrical Weave Bob

If you are considering adding a weave this festive season, then an asymmetrical bob weave can be a great alternative. Popular with black women, these weaves will ensure that you look attractive and feel comfortable with your bob. The asymmetrical style portrays a rebellious yet chic look.

Keri Hilson Asymmetrical Weave Bob Haircut

keri hilson asymmetrical weave bob haircut1

Asymmetrical Stacked Bob Haircuts

Transform your whole look by going for asymmetrically stacked bob haircuts. Since the back section is cut to perfection and stacked, you can use the angled front hair to frame your face.  You can add ash blonde highlight to enhance the contrast of this hairstyle.

Jenny McCarthy Asymmetrical Stacked Bob Haircut

jenny mccarthy asymmetrical stacked bob haircut1

Messy Asymmetrical Bob

Messy asymmetrical bobs are fantastic for people with thin hair. Not only do they make a short hairdo eye-catching, but they also ensure you never get bored with your bob. Adding highlighted streaks can help showcase the asymmetrical haircut.

Dianna Agron Messy Asymmetrical Bob Haircut

dianna agron messy asymmetrical bob haircut

Asymmetric A Line Bob Haircuts

Asymmetrical A-line bob hairstyles look dazzling when it is non-layered and lacks stacking in the back. The angled longer front and shorter back will frame the face ensuring that you look your best at all times. Curl the front hair to make your chin the center of attraction.

Rose Byrne Asymmetric A Line Bob Haircut

rose byrne asymmetric a line bob haircut

Be it on curly, straight or wavy hair, bob haircuts suit every face shape. The long hair section on one side can work to frame your face and give your bob the edge it needs to look glamorous. To draw attention to your cheekbones and to make your face slimmer go for long bob haircuts.

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