Regardless of your hair texture and color, short haircuts are eye-catching. When done properly they enhance your beauty and draw attention to your beautiful facial features. From short fade, layered, bangs, Mohawk, asymmetrical, pixie to bob cuts, short haircuts will transform your whole look. If you have always wondered which short hairstyle looks good on your face then looks no more. In this article, we have 20 different types of short haircuts that will complement your face.

Short Bob Haircuts

Are you tired of styling your long hair? Then go for a short bob hair cut. This haircut is low maintenance, reaches around the jaws and can sometimes include a fringe to help frame the face. You can also get an asymmetrical bob or shaggy bob with uneven hair ends.

Short Edgy Bob Haircut

short edgy bob haircut


Short Layered Bob Haircut

short layered bob haircut


Short Layered Haircuts

Short layered haircuts are the trendy hairstyle that looks good on women of all ages. Layering tends to add texture and volume making this haircut ideal for those with thin hair structure. You can layer your bob or pixie cut and still end up looking classy.

Short Choppy Layered Haircut

short choppy layered haircut


Short Layered Haircut with Side Bangs

short layered haircut with side bangs


Short Haircuts For Round Faces

The first step in getting a haircut is to consider your face shape. A pixie haircut is the staple short hairstyle for women with round faces. If you have this face shape, you can still opt for other short haircuts as long as they cover the ears such as bobs with A-lines.

Emma Stone Short Edgy Haircut

emma stone short edgy haircut

Short Curly Haircut Ideas

Pixie cuts and short bobs are the ideal haircuts for people with curly hair. Curly hair also provides the right texture to display dye so opt to color your hair in patches to make it stand out. A blond peeks a boo at the back, or a lifted wavy bob can quickly transform your look.

Short Curly Pixie Haircut

short curly pixie haircut1


Short Curly Haircut with Bangs

short curly haircut with bangs


Short Curly Asymmetrical Haircut

short curly asymmetrical haircut


Short Shag Haircuts

Short shaggy haircuts are modern, trendy and have the effect of making you look youthful. Apart from being easy to style, they are also low maintenance and look good in wavy or straight hair. Adding highlights will enhance the beauty of a shaggy haircut and make your style eye-catching.

Short Layered Shag Haircut

short layered shag haircut


Short Shaggy Wavy Haircut

short shaggy wavy haircut


Short Edgy Haircuts

If you are afraid of cutting your long hair completely, then go for the short edgy hairstyle. These haircuts usually feature rough edges as well as depict the creativity of both the hairstylist and the wearer. Rainbow color combinations are one of the edgiest styles you can try on your short hair.

Short Edgy Pixie Haircut

short edgy pixie haircut


Short Fade Haircuts

The perfect way to refreshen your haircut is with a short fade haircut. Popular with men, you can get various faded haircuts such as faded pompadour where the sides are slightly faded with a razor or clippers. You can also try the disconnected fade, mid-tier fade, top fade or high contrast fade.

Short Taper Fade Haircut

short taper fade haircut


Short Low Fade Haircut

short low fade haircut


Short Asymmetrical Haircuts

If you don’t want to completely cut your long hair, then go for the short asymmetrical haircut which reduces the length at the back while keeping the front hair long. This hair cut will balance your face shape enabling you to look your best at all times.

Short Layered Asymmetrical Haircut

short layered asymmetrical haircut


Short Asymmetrical Haircut with Side Bangs

short asymmetrical haircut with side bangs


Short Wavy Haircuts

Popular with models and celebrities, short wavy haircuts are low maintenance and add volume. It doesn’t matter which color you have on your hair; short wavy hairstyles will look good on any face shape. Women with blonde hair can opt for angled messy bob, short choppy bob or A-line bob.

Short Wavy Pixie Haircut

short wavy pixie haircut


Short Wavy Bob Haircut

short wavy bob haircut1


Short A Line Haircut Designs

Short A line haircuts feature short hair on the back and a longer front for framing the face. It also lacks layers and stacking in the back hence ideal for those with straight hair. This haircut makes it easier to play with textures so as to create a voluminous effect.

Short A Line Bob Haircut

short a line bob haircut


Short Pixie Haircuts

From Tyra Banks, Anne Hathaway, Jeniffer Lawrence, Zendaya and Scarlet Johansson, celebrities love to look edgy and unique that’s why the short pixie cut is popular. The trick to looking good in a pixie cut is to consider your face shape and use volume to make your facial features attractive.

Short Blonde Pixie Haircut

short blonde pixie haircut


Short Layered Pixie Haircut

short layered pixie haircut


Emo Short Haircuts

The emo haircut looks amazing on short hair. A good emo short haircut will highlight your personality, fashion style and make you stand out from everyone with other short haircuts. You can even combine the Bob and emo to create a haircut that is elegant and suits your face.

Short Shaggy Emo Haircut

short shaggy emo haircut


Short Bangs Haircuts

Whether full or side parted bangs can easily frame your face and make your short haircut look unique. Incorporating bangs with short hair makes it easier for you to change your hair frequently by either reducing the size of your bangs or adding color to draw attention towards your face shape.

Lilac Short Bangs Haircut

lilac short bangs haircut


Colored Short Haircut with Bangs

colored short haircut with bangs


Short Mohawk Haircuts

If you are looking for a dramatic way to cut your hair, then go for Mohawk haircut. Suitable for both guys and ladies, the size and color of your Mohawk will depend on your creativity. The best way to show a rebellious attitude with this hair is to opt for a contrasting bright color.

Rihanna Short Mohawk Hair with Weave

rihanna short mohawk hair with weave

Short Undercut Hairstyles

Short undercut haircuts feature completely shaved or faing the back hair which is closest to the temples. Popular with men this haircut can even include a pattern on the undercut portion. Women can also embrace this trendy haircut by opting for a fun cut on the side instead of back.

Short Blonde Undercut Hairstyle

short blonde undercut hairstyle


Short Comb Over Haircuts

Comb-over hairstyle is a class haircut that will always remain trendy. The trick to looking stunning is to opt for a comb over haircut that complements your hair. You can opt for a comb over haircut that creates a spiky effect or goes for the classy side part to showcase your chin.

Short Side Comb Over Haircut

short side comb over haircut


Short Fringe Haircuts

Make a statement by choosing to add a fringe to your short haircut. Whether you are rocking a disconnected pixie, side swept or a flirty rugged flip; there is a fringe that will look good on your face shape. You can even add a halo fringe and spiky layers to give your short haircut the edge it needs to stand out.

Short Bob with Fringe Haircut

short bob with fringe haircut


Short Side Fringe Haircut

short side fringe haircut


Short Angled Haircuts

Short has is so versatile that you can style it in different ways and each time you end up looking chic. The angled haircut is one of the most interesting ways of giving your short hair a unique change. It works on all hair textures and draws attention towards your forehead when you don’t want to cover it with bangs.

Short Bob Angled Haircut

short bob angled haircut


Short Angled Haircut with Bangs

short angled haircut with bangs


Short Messy Haircuts

Short messy hair is easy to style and simple enough to make a fashion statement. For an easy to do the trick of getting a messy hair is to randomly comb your hair with your hand after getting a haircut so as to give it volume.

Short Bowl Haircuts

Bowl haircuts are easy to make and are recognized by its same hair length all over the head from front to back. You can give your pixie cut a bowl haircut which is ideal for ladies with long faces or a low blow haircut where the fringe almost touches the eyes.

Short Undercut Bowl Hairstyle

short undercut bowl hairstyle


Bob Short Bowl Haircut

bob short bowl haircut


Short hair is versatile, fun to style and gives you the freedom to try different types of haircuts that will complement your hair. From pixie cuts, bob to bowl haircuts, various short haircuts will complement your face shape. Short haircuts make women look feminine and sexy as well as help the facial features to stand out. It saves both time and money to wash and style ensuring you look your best at all times.

From short hair with bangs to pixie cuts, there are many short hairstyles that will make you look sexy and trendy. When choosing a haircut always consider your face shape and hair texture because while one style might look good on another person, it may not look so good on you.

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