Pixie cut is stylish and elegant haircut which is liked and sought after by many women. The pixie haircut has many variations in both long and short ones. This hairstyle is chosen by many women as it is easy to maintain, looks great all the time and can be styled in umpteen number of ways. This haircut can be modified based on the individual features such as short, long, side-parted, asymmetric etc. The specialty of pixie haircut is that it can make round face look elongated and sharper. The hair designs should always be chosen based on the features of a person and the overall look of the person. You may also see Asymmetrical Pixie Haircut

Keira Knightley Long Pixie Cut

Long pixie cuts are really trendy and are chosen by many women for its ease of maintenance and feminine look. The short pixie cuts are bold and stylish but the longer ones are feminine and elegant. The long pixie cuts add texture and volume to the hair and so they are chosen by many women.

keira knightley long pixie cut

Michelle Williams Short Pixie Cut

Short pixie cuts are a statement hairstyles which have lots of variations in them. This pixie cut gives a professional and sophisticated look. Ladies! If you want to show your professional and sophisticated look to the outside world, choose this haircut!

michelle williams short pixie cut

Keri Russell Curly Pixie Cut

Pixie haircut looks great on curly hair as there are many variations to choose from. The side bangs curly haircut, the short curly haircut, the asymmetrical curly haircut etc. The straight hair can also be tried for curly pixie cuts which really changes the looks of a woman altogether and brings a refreshing look to the face.

keri russell curly pixie cut

Rihanna Pixie Cut With Bangs

Pixie cut and bangs is a great combination as it looks both trendy and feminine. The short pixie cut on the crown area with side bangs or a forehead is a great way to show the feminine trendy side. This hairstyle is chosen by many women as it is popular among the celebrities such as Rihanna.

rihanna pixie cut with bangs

Ginnifer Goodwin Pixie Cuts For Round Face

Pixie cuts are perfect for round face as they can give an illusion of elongated face and brings out the best of the features. Again it is an individual choice as of how the pixie cut would be, whether it is a curly one, a pixie cut with bangs or an asymmetric pixie cut. Each and every variation has its own look and style, and it can change the entire look for sure!

ginnifer goodwin pixie cuts for round face

Coco Rocha Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

Asymmetrical Pixie cuts have an edgy and sophisticated look.The asymmetrical pixie cuts can bring a refreshing look to the face as it is a new trend and almost suits everyone. If anyone chooses to be trendy and feminine, they can opt for this asymmetrical pixie cut. You may also See Short Pixie Haircuts

coco rocha asymmetrical pixie cut

Miley Cyrus Shaggy Pixie Cut

The shaggy pixie cut is a great way to experiment and to look refreshing. This cut brings the wild and rustic side of a woman. This cut looks great if bold colors like green, blue, teal etc. are added to them.

miley cyrus shaggy pixie cut

Jennifer Lawrence Messy Pixie Cut

Messy pixie cut looks great on any woman and it is easy to maintain. This haircut is fun and gives a cool impression of a person. The chilled and cool look of messy pixie cut can be made more fun by adding the colors or highlights.

jennifer lawrence messy pixie cut

Tyra Banks Layered Pixie Cut

The layered pixie cut is a variation of pixie cut which looks more feminine and has texture and volume. Unlike the pixie cut, the layered pixie cut adds volume to the hair and can be styled in numerous ways. It can be parted sideways, accentuated with highlights which look great on layers.

tyra banks layered pixie cut

Jessica Alba Undercut Pixie Cut

Undercut pixie cuts have a sporty and fearless look. The undercut pixie can be styled by shaving the hair really short on the back and sides and a pixie cut on the front and crown area. It is an individual choice as to how short the hair can be. The hair on the front can be styled into a bang depending on the choice.

jessica alba undercut pixie cut

Mia Wasikowska Emo Pixie Cut

Emo pixie cuts are real cute and fun. These haircuts can be styled in umpteen variations based on individual choice. Bold colors add lots of character and style to the emo pixie haircuts. These haircuts bring the soft side of any person and make them look cute. You may also See Emo Pixie Cut Hairstyle

mia wasikowska emo pixie cut

Kaley Cuoco Choppy Pixie Cut

Choppy pixie cuts are normally short, stylish and trendy. There are again lots of variations in a choppy pixie cut such as cut with bangs, one side long bang choppy pixie cut, feather choppy pixie cut, sleek choppy pixie cut, flicked choppy pixie cut, punk choppy pixie cut etc.

alyssa milano choppy pixie cut

Anne Hathaway Pixie Cuts For Wedding

The Wedding is the most memorable event in any woman’s life. The pixie cut is a great way to look modern, trendy and refreshing. The tiaras, hair clips, hair bands can be used to accessorize the pixie cut. Highlighting the hair can also be a great way to look in a pixie cut.

anne hathaway pixie cuts for wedding

Sienna Miller Edgy Pixie Cut

Edgy pixie cuts are really wild and are great ways to express themselves. The edgy pixie cuts can be a mohawk cut or short pixie cuts with long bangs and colored with bold hues. These edgy pixie cuts and styles are preferred by young women who love to express themselves out.

sienna miller edgy pixie cut

The pixie cut is popular and trending nowadays. Actually, the pixie cut is a comeback with lots of variations and styles. The pixie cut is sought after for its low maintenance, stylish and trendy look. The fade haircut is also trendy along with the pixie cut.

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