Short choppy haircut makes a bold fashion statement for women of almost all age groups. It is a convenient hairdo for all textures and length of hair. Earlier women used to wear this style as it needed lack of maintenance and styling was easy. There was another reason for which it was a coveted hairstyle for many women. Due to the pointed edges, it will give an extra volume to your thin hair and for thick mane it will remove the heaviness and give a bouncy appeal.

Miley Cyrus Short Fade Hair

miley cyrus short fade hair

Michelle Williams Short Choppy Hair

michelle williams short choppy hair

Carey Mulligan Edge Hair

carey mulligan edge hair

A number of style icons viz. Victoria Beckham, Paris Hilton have created their fashion statements sporting this superhot, smart haircut. It is basically a new twist of the short layered haircut of earlier times. Adding bold highlights to a few strands, you will look polished and tidy. It is a perfect hairdo for any cocktail party or even an official gathering.

Jessica Chastain Short Pixie Cut

jessica chastain short pixie cut

Rihanna Short Hair

rihanna short hair

Emma Watson Short Pixie Hair

emma watson short pixie hair

Ginnifer Goodwin Pixie Haircut

ginnifer goodwin pixie haircut

Usually short choppy haircut involves cutting off your hair in layers all over your head. It gives your head sufficient volume and bouncy look. It is a modernised version of the classic bob hairstyle. Various styles can be added to this haircut e.g. cranberry mélange, eighties’ dreamer, citrus glow and more to name.

Taylor Swift Choppy Hair

taylor swift choppy hair

Mandy Moore Choppy Hair

mandy moore choppy hair

Paris Hilton Sedu Hair

paris hilton sedu hair1

Attractive Short Choppy Haircut

attractive short choppy haircut


White Short Choppy Haircut

white short choppy haircut


Golden-Short Choppy Haircut

golden short choppy haircut


Amazing Short Choppy Haircut

amazing short choppy haircut


Black Choppy Haircut

black choppy haircut


Center Part-Short Choppy Haircut

center part short choppy haircut


Good Looking Short Choppy Haircut

good looking short choppy haircut


Fabulous Short Choppy Haircut

fabulous short choppy haircut


Fantastic Short Choppy Haircut

fantastic short choppy haircut


The short choppy haircut is modeled by many celebrities and ordinary women who prefer style and very little maintenance. If you want to have the right hairstyle for yourself do some research from online sources and various fashion magazines before you approach your hairdresser. It will give her/him an idea of your desire and will show you in the light of awareness.

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