Today, it is common to see women working for huge corporates and multi-national firms. The jobs are highly demanding and amidst all the hustle it can be a task to look presentable all the time. The corporate world expects you to look sharp and on point. In such scenario short hair makes things a lot easy. To begin with, they are low maintenance and do not require much grooming.

That is why we have put together an article especially to cater the need of women with short to medium hair. If your hair does not fall in the category you can give a look to these articles.

Taylor Swift Short Formal Hairstyle

taylor swift short formal hairstyle

This Diva brings her A-Game whenever she steps out of her house. One lesson we learned today is that it does not necessarily have to be a tedious Tumblr hairstyle to make the heads turn. Although we agree that your official work environment does not provide you much freedom but let’s make the most of what we get.

Learn to do your make up not only according to your skin color but also your hair color. Taylor deserves three cheers for pairing those sultry waves of blonde hair with that stunning yet subtle(suitable for work) eye-shadow.

Kelly Ripa Blonde Hairstyle Idea

kelly ripa blonde hairstyle idea

This woman can basically do anything and everything. Managing to be the best at so many things she is still charming times two. This is a look you can rock all the time. Correct parting makes a huge difference. Once you have separated your hair with a suitable parting just add the beachy waves and some spray to make sure things stay still all day long while you are busy taking down the world.

Julianne Hough Pixie Haircut

julianne hough pixie haircut

She has to be the queen of experiments! Within two years she changed her hair from waves to bombshell to choppy bob to mid length and now she is settling with our all time favorite Pixie. Make sure that if you have a heart shape face like Julianne this pixie length is perfect for you. Avoid front fringes, you can instead add the side bang if you wish to.

Kate Peck Quiff Hairstyle

kate peck quiff hairstyle

Quiff hairstyle and platinum hair are generally associated with men but girls have already stepped into a lot of male territories and here is an addition. The style Kate is carrying is more like Pompadour quiff meets bombshell curls. History support that Pompadour quiff was always considered a hairstyle for girls until Elvis Presley showed the world the ‘unisex’ness of the style. What better way to flatter your boss than copy his hairstyle?

Bria Murphy Formal Short Haircut

bria murphy formal short haircut

Having black hair sometimes limit the things you can do with them. But if you are a busy person who does not like to stop every 2 hours to check their hair then you must know that short look best when left natural. Most black women prefer short haircut(pixie being their favorite) as it represents their characteristics too. Also, pay attention to the length of her hair.

Anne Hathaway Short Pixie Haircut

anne hathaway short pixie haircut

As for pixie hairstyle, we believe it is classic yet sassy. Even a simple layered pixie will make you look cute with a minimum or no-makeup look. You can either go for a mid-parted or side combed pixie. If your hair is spiky or uncontrollable use your handy gel. Add that today in your office-survival-tip.

Kristen Stewart Short Haircut With Bangs

kristen stewart short haircut with bangs

If you are not a fan of waves and curls you are definitely going to like this adorable hairstyle of Twilight star Kristen Stewart. Just to add a little lift to the style you can add bangs or side bangs will do too.

Lily Collins Classy Hairstyle Idea

lily collins classy hairstyle idea

What’s not to love in Lily’s hairstyle? It is definitely going on our wall of ‘future hairstyle inspirations’. This pompadour haircut of long side swept bangs with shaved sides is giving us serious goals. If there was some corner for more life to fill in, those eyebrows took it too.

Sharon Stone’s Formal Haircut

sharon stones formal haircut

Sharon Stone proves the versatility of short hairstyles with her cool shaggy haircut. A Shaggy haircut makes your face fuller and hair voluminous. Also, let’s take a minute to sink in those beautiful messy layers on her crown leading to the bang.

Kellie Pickler Side Parted Hairstyle

kellie pickler side parted hairstyle

She is wearing loose finger waves and as we can see the styling is done on only one side. This look is everything you need, suitable for a homecoming, party, office, wedding or basically any place you could think of. This is a hairstyle which every fashion lover has to try. Here is the complete tutorial.

Modern Short Pixie Haircut

modern short pixie haircut


Wavy Hairstyle for Women

wavy hairstyle for women


Cute Haircut for Thick Hair

cute haircut for thick hair


Buzz Cut Hair for Women

buzzcut hair for women


Lovely Hairstyle with Bangs

lovely hairstyle with bangs


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