While a ponytail was once considered a hairstyle for going to the gym, it has become a glamorous hair trend for both casual and formal occasions. Celebrities such as Kate Middleton and Arianna Grande have embraced the half ponytail hairstyle mostly because it requires simple modifications such as braiding to make this hair design perfect for any season. So, whether you prefer a half up, half down or a high ponytail hairstyle, there is at least one design that suits you.

Kate Middleton Bun Half ponytail

kate middleton bun half ponytail

Kate Middleton has made the half down ponytail her signature look. By using half the hair from the crown part of the head to create a bun, the Duchess has turned a simple ponytail into a chic and polished look.

Taylor Swift Prom Half Ponytail Hairstyle

taylor swift prom half ponytail hairstyle

You can style long hair by creating curls that draw attention to your face. Just like Taylor Swift Prom half ponytail hairstyle, you can make this hair design more glamorous by adding one or two headbands.

Sarah Hyland Low Half Ponytail Idea

sarah hyland low half ponytail idea

There is a reason why Sarah Hyland loves the low half ponytail hairstyle. Using simple tricks such as parting your hair at the center and leaving a few hair strands free, you will make a simple ponytail elegant.

Selena Gomez Double Knot Half Ponytail Hairstyle

selena gomez double knot half ponytail hairstyle

To achieve the Selena Gomez half ponytail hairstyle, part your hair in the middle and roughly tousle it using your fingers to create that messy look. Loosely twist upwards a few hair sections and secure with bobby pins.

Rihanna Curly Half Pony Updo

rihanna curly half pony updo

Go for a high ponytail and curl the ends loosely with a curling iron. Whether messy or super straight, the curly half pony updo will make you look elegant as it does on Rihanna. You may also See French Ponytail

Gigi Hadid’s Half Up Top Knot Idea

gigi hadids half up top knot idea

Half up top knot hairstyle is perfect for both daytime and night events. Embrace Gigi Hadid’s hairstyle idea by tying your ponytail into a knot and then tease the hair texture to bring out an edge to this trendy hair

Chrissy Teigen Long Brown Half Ponytail

chrissy teigen long brown half ponytail

To prevent the half ponytail from looking plain, use the front curls to frame your face. Use a thin hair band to hold the ponytail firmly, therefore, achieving the Chrissy Teigen long brown half ponytail.

Ariana Grande Half Up Half Down Updo

ariana grande half up half down updo

We all know how wearing long hair down can be cumbersome. The Ariana Grande half up half down updo involves creating a ponytail using half of your hair while allowing the other half to flow freely on your back.

Camilla Belle Wavy Half Ponytail Hairdo

camilla belle wavy half ponytail hairdo

By setting up a side fringe and enhancing your facial features using loose curls, you will have achieved the Camilla Belle wavy ponytail hairdo.

Richard Hilfiger Rita Ora Blonde Messy Half Pony

richard hilfiger rita ora blonde messy half pony

Recreating a Rita Ora blonde messy half ponytail requires long hair. By pulling back half the hair into a high ponytail and then parting it in the middle, you will give the ponytail a more elegant and classic look.

Awesome Thik Haif Ponytail

awesome thik haif ponytail


Long Black Haif Ponytail

long black haif ponytail


Bun with Half Ponytail

bun with half ponytail


Modern High Half Ponytail

modern high half ponytail


Cute Half Ponytail for Kids

cute half ponytail for kids


Side Bangs Half Ponytail

side bangs half ponytail


Trendy Long Half Ponytail

trendy long half ponytail


Stylish Half Ponytail

stylish half ponytail


To create a messy half high ponytail, start by adding some hairspray to your hair to give it texture. Then, pull half your hair from the forehead towards the crown of the head and secure with an elastic band. For a chic look use the underside hair section from your ponytail to wrap around the elastic band.
Whether you have long or short hair, half ponytail hairstyles are super easy to make. What is fun about these ponytails is that they are a versatile hairstyle that you can wear for any occasion. So, if you prefer a messy or a high ponytail, always opt for a unique hairstyle that frames your face.

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