Be it low or high, bump hairstyles is an easy way to give your hair volume. Celebrities such as Eva Mendes and Kim Kardashian have embraced this hairstyle making it one of the hottest trends in the season. Depending on your face shape and outfit you get to decide the type of French twist hair updo that you prefer. So, whether you prefer easy to do or elaborate hairstyle, there’s a bump hairstyle idea on this list that will suit you.

Selena Gomez Bump Hairstyle for Round Face

selena gomez bump hairstyle for round face

Go for a low bump hairstyle that will complement your round face. By leaving a few loose curls to frame your face and pairing this hair with vibrant colored earrings, you too can look like Selena Gomez. You may also see Puff Hairstyle Designs

Carrie Underwood Bump Hairstyle with Bangs

carrie underwood bump hairstyle with bangs

Bangs are a great way of adding volume and framing your face. By side parting your hair and leaving some loose curls to lay on your back you will have picked a perfect hairstyle for prom or a date.

Gwen Stefani Front Bump Hairstyle

gwen stefani front bump hairstyle

If you’re looking for a simple way to style your blonde hair, then go for Gwen Stefani front bump hairstyle. The trick to making this hairstyle look elegant is to tease the roots slightly and use lots of hairsprays.

Katy Perry Half Up Bump Hairdo

katy perry half up bump hairdo

A half bump hairstyle is a great way of making your long black hair stylish and chic. To recreate this Katy Perry hairdo, middle part your hair to give it volume and use a few front strands to frame your face.

Hilary Duff Bump Hairstyle

hilary duff bump hairstyle

Long hair can get a bit boring when continuously tied into a ponytail. With a front bump hairstyle, you are not only portraying creativity but also a unique fashion sense. Complement this hairstyle by adding a Smokey eye.

Dianna Agron Bump Hairstyle with Curls

dianna agron bump hairstyle with curls

A messy updo hairstyle is so chic that it will complement even a simple outfit. The Diana Agron bump hairstyle with curls is suitable for ladies who are looking for a simple way to style long hair.

Patina Miller Bump Hairstyle with Ponytail

patina miller bump hairstyle with ponytail

Putting your hair into a ponytail is the easiest way to make long hair look classy. By adding a front bump to your ponytail, creating a cat eye and keeping the nape hair sleek, you too can recreate this patina miler bump hairstyle.

Janet Jackson Bump Bob Hairstyle

janet jackson bump bob hairstyle

Go for a bob with a bump to give your short hair a fun look. What makes this hairstyle so trendy is because Janet Jackson pairs it with a smoky eye and side parts her short hair to create the illusion of volume.

Bella Thorne Bump Updo Hair

bella thorne bump updo hair

When it comes to prom hairstyle updos, Bella Thorne bump hairstyle definitely fits the occasion. For this look comb your hair using a wide tooth comb, middle part it and add hairspray to give the hairstyle a shiny texture.

Alia Bhatt Bump Hairstyle

alia bhatt bump hairstyle

A low bump hairstyle complemented with a red lip will always remain trendy. From braided updos to buns, Alia Bhatt loves experimenting with different hairstyles. This long wavy hair is cute and ideal for both adults and teenagers.

Small Bump Hairstyle Idea

small bump hairstyle idea


Claire Holt Blonde Bump Hair

claire holt blonde bump hair

Hilary Duff Bump Hair

hilary duff bump hair

Amber Heard Bump Hair

amber heard bump hair

Adele Bump Hair

adele bump hair

How to create a front bump hairstyle?

Using a brush or comb tease your hair on the roots and then side part it. Take the longer section of the part nearest to the crown and turn it into a side fringe. Then tie half of the hair from the back of your head into a low ponytail.

Celebrities use different hair ideas such as braided updo hairstyle to look flawless and glamorous. However, ideal hairstyles are those that can be easily made in the shortest time possible without a professional hairstylist. So, whether long or short, give your hair a tease and try one of these cute bump hairstyles ideas.

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