Since ancient times, women have been wearing earrings as a way of decorating their body. Apart from enhancing the beauty of an individual, beautiful earring designs help draw attention towards your appearance. People tend to remember the face so to make a lasting impression choose earrings that flatter face shape, hairstyle and complements your wardrobe. From cute studs to sparkly chandeliers, there are endless earring designs that women can wear to work or casual events.

Beaded Earring Designs

Beaded earring designs are fun to wear because you can get them in your favorite color. The designer puts a lot of passion and creativity into the designing process resulting in beaded earrings that are unique and stunning. Most of them are usually made using eco-friendly material eliminating any allergic skin reactions.

Handmade Beaded Earrings Design

handmade beaded earrings design


Quilling Earring Designs

Quilling which is popularly known as coiling paper is an art that makes eye-catching earring designs in vibrant and subtle color. Quilling earring designs are available in different colors and shapes. The process of making these earrings are pretty easy all you need is a Quilling paper slotted tool and creativity!

Paper Quilling Earrings Design

paper quilling earrings design

Quilling Art Earrings Design

quilling art earrings design


Quilling Jhumka Earrings Design

quilling jhumka earrings design

Wire Earring Designs

Wire earring designs tend to feature beautiful stones which can either be in darker shades or vibrant colors. This jewelry design features wire wrapped around beads or gemstones to form unique designs that fit all occasions. Suitable for ladies who prefer handmade jewelry, wire earrings will make a statement.

Copper Wire Earrings Design

copper wire earrings design

Diamond Earring Designs

Bold and dazzling, diamond earrings designs are the go-to earrings for that special occasion where you need to show elegance and class. They are timeless and will complement any attire including a wedding dress. Diamond studs suits all face shapes and all occasion including the office environment.

Diamond Stud Earrings Design

diamond stud earrings design


Diamond Hoop Earrings Design

diamond hoop earrings design

Pearl Earring Designs

Women of all ages wear pearl earring designs as a symbol of status. They command respect, scream feminine and never go out of style. Go for simple chandelier pearl earrings for evening events and casual events go for those paired with other metals such as gold. Pearl earrings flatter narrow faces.

Black Pearl Earrings Design

black pearl earrings design

Pearl Drop Earrings Design

pearl drop earrings design


Pearl Bead Earrings Design

pearl bead earrings design

Long Earring Designs

When it comes to decorating the body, earrings play a significant role on how feminine a person looks. Long earring designs are elegant and complement low bun hairstyle. Wear them during special occasion with a flowy gown. Women with small bone structure should go for thin and long earrings.

Long Diamond Earrings Design

long diamond earrings design


Gold Long Earrings Design

gold long earrings design

Ruby Earring Designs

Ruby earring designs are favorite to women who prefer one of a kind accessory. They feature vibrant red color that represents class, passion, and a fearless attitude. Ruby earrings in different geometric shapes suit square and long face shapes since they balance facial structures. You can wear ruby earrings every day or during special occasions.

Ruby Heart Earrings Design

ruby heart earrings design

Vintage Ruby Earrings Design

vintage ruby earrings design


Stud Earring Designs

Stud earring designs suit all occasions and flatter all face shapes. They also complement all hairstyles including half up or half down updos. Women with short hair or pixie hairstyles also look good wearing studs because they add balance and prevent overwhelming the face.

Rose Gold Stud Earrings

rose gold stud earrings

Opal Stud Earrings Design

opal stud earrings design1

Double Stud Earrings Design

double stud earrings design


Solitaire Earring Designs

Solitaire earrings can either be the star or complement both the outfit and hairstyle. For it to be the star, your hair has to be up in a way that exposes the ears. Wear solitaire earring designs on the top side of your ears for dramatic effect. However, avoid pairing with accessories whose colors don’t match.

Diamond Solitaire Earrings Design

diamond solitaire earrings design


Solitaire Stud Earrings Design

solitaire stud earrings design


Peacock Earring Designs

Peacock earring designs are glamorous and make a bold fashion statement. These earrings dazzle in different gemstones and the shape itself is eye-catching. They feature oversized shapes which flatter ladies with heart and diamond face shapes. Women with medium to large bone structure can also carry these designs with elegance.

Peacock Feather Earrings Design

peacock feather earrings design


Peacock Pearl Earrings Design

peacock pearl earrings design

Peacock Blue Earrings

peacock blue earrings

Crystal Earring Designs

Wearing crystal earring designs is the easiest way to look attractive and draw attention towards your natural face. They are suitable for those days when you are wearing the statement black dress or when your attire is in cool shades such as brown and gray. Go for a crystal color that complements your outfit.

Crystal Ball Earrings Design

crystal ball earrings design

Crystal Skull Earrings

crystal skull earrings

Crystal Cluster Earrings Design

crystal cluster earrings design


Silver Earring Designs

Whether you are heading to the office, taking a walk around the park or going to your kid’s game, silver earring designs will give you a chic and feminine look. When wearing hair down opt for silver studs. You can still put your hair behind the ears to make your silver earrings visible.

Silver Teardrop Earrings Design

silver teardrop earrings design

Silver Leaf Earrings Design

silver leaf earrings design


Silver Cross Earrings Design

silver cross earrings design


Round Earring Designs

Round earrings design flatter girls with square face shapes. These designs soften up the forehead and jaw lines enabling the facial features to look flawless and symmetrical. Short hoops are perfect for those with long and narrow face shapes since they emphasize the width of your face. Ladies with warm undertones should opt for round earrings made of gold metal.

Round Bead Earrings

round pearl earrings

Wood Earring Designs

Even though wood earring design is stunning, when paired with other accessories they look even more attractive. They have a unique appearance that resonates well with ladies of all ages. While you can get wood earrings made exclusively of wood, some designs incorporate rainbow colors, metals, and wires.

Wood Gauge Earrings Design

wood gauge earrings design

Tribal Wood Earrings

tribal wood earrings

Wood Stud Earrings Design

wood stud earrings design


Hoop Earring Designs

Hoop earring designs will look good on women with oval, square, and diamond shaped faces. Oversized hoops that extend below the jaws are for girls who want to portray a dramatic effect. This type of earrings will spice up a plain t-shirt, make a turtle neck look chic and accentuate the neck when wearing tube dresses.

Small Hoop Earrings

small hoop earrings


Bamboo Hoop Earrings Design

bamboo hoop earrings design

Gold Hoop Earrings

gold hoop earrings


Funny Earring Designs

If you are tired of wearing simple studs or hoops, then funny earring designs are perfect for giving your style a bump. Their weird designs put them in a more casual setting. Wearing funny accessories will not only start a conversation with the people next to you but will also give you compliments.

Funny Fruit Earrings Design

funny fruit earrings design

Funny Cat Earrings Design

funny cat earrings design

Funny Food Earrings Design

funny food earrings design


Emerald Earring Designs

Emerald Earring designs are bold enough that it is best to pair them with an outfit of the same color. From teardrops to chandelier designs, emerald earrings are a must have for any lady who wants to exude confidence, class, and elegance during special occasions such as prom and a night out party.

Emerald Stud Earrings

emerald stud earrings


Bridal Earring Designs

The best way to accessorize your wedding dress is to wear a bridal earring that flatter your face shape and complement the theme of that special day. Crystal earring designs will make you the center of attention. Ruby, emerald and any colored gemstone will give your white outfit a hint of color.

Vintage Bridal Earrings Design

vintage bridal earrings design

Rhinestone Bridal Earrings

rhinestone bridal earrings

Bridal Diamond Earrings Design

bridal diamond earrings design


Antique Earring Designs

The easiest way to highlight the old era is to wear antique earring designs. Family gatherings or the anniversary of your parents is the best place to wear this type of designs. Antique earrings that feature sparkly stones are suitable for a night out or for a date.

Antique Cameo Earrings

antique cameo earrings

Antique Chandelier Earrings Design

antique chandelier earrings design


Gold Earring Designs

Whether on hoops or studs, gold earrings will add glamor to your outfit. They pair well with pastel and muted shades. The shouting color makes gold earring designs suitable for formal occasions and events such as dinner date, prom and anniversary. It can easily clash with other metals, therefore, pair it with other gold accessories.

Gold Hoop Earrings Design

gold hoop earrings design


Rose Gold Earrings Design

rose gold earrings design

White Gold Earrings Design

white gold earrings design

Importance and Trend of Earring Designs

From hoops, dangles, studs, chandelier and teardrops, there are different earring designs to suit all occasion. However, a woman should go for earrings that flatter her face shape, skin tone and outfit. The right earring will make you look classy, elegant and stylish as well as make a bold fashion statement.

No matter what type of earring design you prefer to wear, you should look good and stylish. Handmade designs such as wood, quilling, and wire earrings are perfect for girls who love organic accessories. The hairstyle and skin tone determine the type of earring that will best flatter your face.

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