The best thing about earrings is that they bring about a special glow to your overall look and outfit. They are this beautiful piece of adornment that can grab the attention of people miles away from you. There are different kinds of earrings and each is beautiful in its own way and one among them is the solitaire earring design. Solitaires are nothing but an uncut diamond that sparkle, shine, and glow.

They are a beauty and you can spot them from a distance because it stands out among a whole other bunch of diamonds. We browsed through social media to find these gorgeous solitaire earring designs that left us awe-struck. Take a sneak-peek into this lovely world of diamonds.

Diamond Solitaire Earrings

diamond solitaire earrings


This caught our attention as we were looking for earrings; the blue in this earring is what made us fall in love with it. The diamonds around the blue just give it more depth and make it even more gorgeous to look at. This alluring diamond solitaire hits our list and we recommend you get this. Casual or party wear, you are going to be standing out with this gorgeous piece.

These diamond earrings are very subtle and are something that can be worn on a regular basis. They are not too loud but because of its radiating properties, they are ought to stand out. We love the simplicity in this design.

Lever back is also known as drop down earrings, the simplicity behind these earrings are very enticing and this automatically grabs all the attention needed. This might look very plain but when you wear it, it is ought to look absolutely stunning.

We see this a lot these days. People have moved over from artificial jewelry and prefer diamond earrings and these are the most preferred ones because of its simplicity and elegance. These can be worn with everything and anything and you will be dazzling.

Ruby Solitaire Earrings Idea

ruby solitaire earrings idea

This might be a little different from what we saw earlier. These are long earrings and can be worn for a party with that beautiful dress of yours. The specialty about these diamond earrings is the rubies entrusted in them. They are going to make you stand out and look radiating.

Crystal Solitaire Earrings

crystal solitaire earrings

These diamond earrings can be termed as simple but elegant and grand. This is perfect for your wedding outfit because it is a greater combination of elegance and style.

These diamond earrings are an absolute beauty. They are elegant, classy, and chic and totally upbeat. These drop earrings will be perfect for a simple outfit or occasion. It might look simple but you will stand out because of its pure elegance.

Diamond Solitaire Dangle Earrings

diamond solitaire dangle earrings

These diamond solitaire earrings are different from the others. They are unique and will stand out because of its shape and color. These can be worn with casual and party wear.

Sapphire Solitaire Earrings

sapphire solitaire earrings

The sapphire diamond earrings look glamorous. Sapphires have always looked radiating and stand out completely. We love the look and feel of this lovely pair and we recommend you to get one like this.

Black Diamond is very rare but what we miss out on is the elegance, allurement, and exquisiteness. This is a perfect party wear and you are definitely going to stand out with this gorgeous pair. You may also see Dangle Earrings

Antique Silver Earrings Idea

antique silver earrings idea

Rose Pink Crystal Studs

rose pink crystal studs

Round Cut Diamond Earrings Idea

round cut diamond earrings idea

Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings

sterling silver dangle earrings

Bridal Stud Earrings Design

bridal stud earrings design

Simple Crystal Drop Earrings

simple crystal drop earrings

Cute Platinum Studs Idea

cute platinum studs idea

Solitaire Ear Jacket with CZ Stones

solitaire ear jacket with cz stones

We saw all the different kinds of solitaire diamond earrings and each has an elegance of its own. Diamonds are the kinds that will make you look radiating and glamorous.

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