An accessory collection has many jewelry designs and stud earrings are one of them. These designs have a great way of adding style in a woman’s outfit regardless of it being a formal or informal one. You can match them with most hairstyles giving you a subtle tone of elegance that is sure to complement you like diamond studs. If you want to find out more, keep reading for our collection of stud earrings designs. You may also See Ruby Stud Earring Designs

Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond studs are the epitome of elegance. They come in round or square shape bringing you stunning results for every woman. Draw attention to your ears with these sparkly pieces that can make a casual outfit look polished and chosen with care.

Diamond Small Stud Earrings

diamond small stud earrings

Gold Stud Earrings Design

Flowers, knots, hearts and a huge range of gemstones synthesize the most remarkable gold stud earrings. You can find them in high quality designs that you will be wearing for years. Suitable for every woman that appreciates the classic designs.

Vintage Gold Stud Earrings

vintage gold stud earrings


Pearl Stud Earrings Design

Pearls have an all time classic look that is suitable for every age. You can choose these designs of stud earrings in a variety of shapes, materials and concepts in order to match them with every outfit, casual and formal.

Modern Pearl Stud Earrings

modern pearl stud earrings


Pink Pearl Stud Earrings

pink pearl stud earrings


Solitaire Stud Earrings Design

Solitaire designs feature stunning combinations that are amazing in order to add glamour to your outfits. The available materials cover platinum, gold and silver helping you find the right design for your skin tone to achieve remarkable outfits for casual and formal occasions.

Sterling Silver Solitaire Stud Earrings

sterling silver solitaire stud earrings

Plated Solitaire Stud Earrings

plated solitaire stud earrings

Stone Stud Earrings Design

Incorporating valuable gemstones in your earrings collection will allow you to accessorize your every outfit with a beautiful design of stud earrings. Choose vibrant colors and creative shapes that will make a strong statement of fashionable elegance and vivacious character. You may also See Cartilage Earring Designs

Opal Stud Earrings

Opal comes with iridescent qualities that add extra glamour to your outfits. Choose an alluring design with remarkable colors in gold or silver and watch your outfits transform in masterpieces. Opal designs with diamond halo are a classic elegant choice.

opal stud earrings


Flower Stud Earrings

Flowers give a feminine look that is suitable for every age. You can gift a pair of flower stud earrings to your daughter as her first formal pair in a stunning design. They are available in many materials and gemstones.

flower stud earrings


Skull Stud Earrings

If you want an edgy look that will make you look unique and fashionable at the same time you can choose a pair of scull stud earrings. These designs have creative designs that will make you stand out in style.

skull stud earrings

Heart Stud Earrings

Heart shaped earrings will give you a stunning look with a girly touch. You can find them in many designs that feature gemstones and valuable materials like gold, silver and platinum. You can match them with many every day outfits

heart stud earrings

Square Stud Earrings

Square shapes have a defined and crisp look that is suitable for outgoing and bold women that are not afraid to take risks. You can find them in many designs of stud earrings that feature decorative elements like valuable gemstones. You may also See Pearl Earring Designs

square stud earrings


Earrings are available in various materials. From sterling silver to diamonds and from platinum to gold earrings you will find a great variety to choose for you or as a gift to a loved one. No matter what you choose be sure that it will make you look truly wonderful.

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