Jewelry designs are just an extra add on to make your outfit look more than simple. They accentuate your outfit. Earrings are pieces of jewelry that make you look gorgeous. They can be worn with casuals or some like antique earring can be worn during special occasions. Under these earring designs there is a unique creation, which is the cactus earring design. The designs are wild and different so let’s take a look at some of the crazy cactus earrings designs.

Saguaro Cactus Earrings

saguaro cactus earrings

These pair of earrings has a fine metallic finish to it. It also has a rustic look to it, which makes it look elegant and smart. You can wear this beautifully designed plant with a long skirt or jeans.

Silver Cactus Earrings Design

silver cactus earrings design1

The earring is cut out in the shape of a cactus. The lines are exactly how it is on the plant and beautifully carved out. Like leaf earrings, there is so much intricate work done on this.

Vintage Cactus Earrings Model

vintage cactus earrings model

These earrings look very similar to the flower earring design. Well the best part about this chic looking earrings are that they are vintage. They can be worn with almost anything and it will still stand out.

Handmade Cactus Earrings

handmade cactus earrings

Hand made jewelry designs are the best. They look natural and feel so realistic also. This particular one might look a little disfigured but that is the true beauty about it. The way each part of the design has been created is wonderful and well conceptualized.

Turquoise Cactus Earrings

turquoise cactus earrings

The turquoise and the rustic brown blend well with each other. It gives out a modern and traditional outlook that makes it look even more different. This earring can be worn during special occasions because of its elegant appearance.

Cactus Dangle Earrings

cactus dangle earrings

The cactus dangling earrings will be the perfect drop down. The prickly cactus is done well with a lot of intricate work on it. If you look closely you will see how each thorn on it has been carved out just about perfectly. The green beads are meant to compliment the entire design and it does definitely look radiating.

Fabric Cactus Earrings

fabric cactus earrings1

Unique Cactus Earrings Idea

unique cactus earrings idea

Retro Style Cactus Earrings

retro style cactus earrings

Gold Cholla Cactus Earrings

gold cholla cactus earrings

Cactus and Bird Earrings

cactus and bird earrings

Pear Cactus Earrings Idea

pear cactus earrings idea

Tiny Green Cactus Stud Earrings

tiny green cactus stud earrings

Raw Brass Cactus Earrings Design

raw brass cactus earrings design

Polymer Clay Cactus Earrings

polymer clay cactus earrings1

We have seen different cactus earring designs; we must agree that each design had a style and creativity of its own. Be it long or short, the designs were versatile and would great on whatever you decide to wear it with. Be it casual wear like jeans or dresses for brunch, these earring designs will look great if teamed with the right pair of clothes.

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