Mood earrings are a new concept in the market. They are stylish, colorful, trendy and exude a pretty vibe to your outfit. It is not just for the appearance that women like these earrings and flaunt it with their outfits, it is very personal and symbolic as well. Each color signifies a character trait that we might have to ourselves. So, these cute earrings come in a host of colors, making them versatile. Take a look at some attractive mood earring designs.

Sterling Silver Mood Earrings

sterling silver mood earrings

Even if one doesn’t know about the significance of each color in mood earrings, it is still so appealing. Being simple and minimalistic, this particular earring will complement your extraordinary outfits in a very subtle manner. Give your pearl earrings a break, and go for these sterling silver mood earrings instead. You may also see Bead Earring Designs

These earrings are all about being elegant, sophisticated and attractive. The best combination would be with an Indo-Western outfit. Be it your on a brunch, or on your date, this earring will add to your stress-free attitude for the day.

It is tough to find danglers that can be worn to work or college; something essentially less jazzy but with more character. Even if you opt for the simplest white kurta look, wear these earrings to brighten up things. Bye-bye, boring!

Heart Shape Mood Earrings

heart shape mood earrings

Wear your mood as an accessory with these cute heart shaped mood earrings. If you are an eccentric person and a romantic as well, these earrings are for you. Perfect with a skater dress and can be worn from college to a date.

Mood Stud Earrings

mood stud earrings

Stud earrings are a smart choice for when you want your outfit or some other piece of accessory to stand out. Although, you can also wear this independently to an official event. This mood stud earring is not over-the-top and is yet not an understatement.

Turtle Mood Earrings

turtle mood earrings

If you’re feeling playful and vibrant, showcase that through your outfit. Throw in a pretty little basic-colored dress with these blue sea turtle earrings that are not only vibrant but also a sure attention-catcher. This also makes for a very adorable gift item.

Simple is indeed beautiful. You don’t always have to wear something as loud and rowdy as a bullet earring or huge danglers to make a statement. This simple mood earring, with a color so organic, is bound to look sophisticated. Perfect for wearing to an official event.

If your idea of earthy and organic is retained to bamboo earrings, then it might be a time to find a more interesting and appealing alternative. These dangle mood earrings have real moss in them which gives it an out-of-the-box abstract design.

Antique Mood Earrings Design

antique mood earrings design

We all know that one person among our acquaintances who is a huge fan and collector of all things antique. Although she might already have a mood ring, why not surprise her with this antique set of mood earrings this time. It is quaint and at the same very trendy and dimensional.

Cute Mood Earrings Design

cute mood earrings design

Why abandon the little fashionistas  of your family from this trendy accessory? Gift your little daughter or sister with these pair of cute mood earrings and see how it absolutely overwhelms her. You may also see Dangle Earring Designs

Gold Mood Stone Earrings

gold mood stone earrings

Beautiful Mood Earrings Idea

beautiful mood earrings idea

Star Shape Mood Earrings

star shape mood earrings

Crystal Mood Earrings Design

crystal mood earrings design

Pretty Mood Stud Earrings

pretty mood stud earrings

Mood Flower Earrings Idea

mood flower earrings idea

Yellow Mood Earrings

yellow mood earrings

Mood earrings are all about reflecting your mood through your accessories. Wear whichever color or design suits your mood the best. These come in a host of colors and are a must-have for every girl.

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