Since the dawn of mankind, humans were fascinated with geometry shapes. Even in prehistory we were making jewelry in all kind of shapes. It’s no secret that human brain is hardwired to recognize geometrical patterns, built by nature or artificially, we are just crazy about geometric figures. The dramatic outlines mixed with the bold patterns and paired with bright colors or gold are always good choice.

Modern Geometric Jewelry

Modern Geometric Jewelry Source

This kind of the pendant is a hand made product. The designer put it on a black waxed cord, giving it a vintage and simple look. Moving rectangles inside circle represent four elements of nature, going in a circle inside of the Earth!

Geometric Handmade Jewelry Design

Geometric Handmade Jewelry Design Source

Royal blue fill of rectangular outlines is spot on. Can you feel intense positive energy coming out of this cute little necklace and earrings? We do, so we are keen to say this is not an ordinary jewelry, it’s talisman for good mood.

Triangle Shaped Necklace

Triangle Shaped Necklace Source

Designer of this piece of beauty is playing with numerology and religion. Three pieces represent Trinity and again every triangle consists of three spikes, adding more meaning to the product. Colored in blue and white to ease up the tension of sharp edges of pyramid, this makes it great necklace for beach or shopping in downtown.

Spiritual Geometry Jewelry

Spiritual Source

Another depiction of Kabala theme. Combination of triangles and rectangles all woven into a sphere. The Sphere represents eternity and divine energy. Same energy which will be transferred to you. Cubeoctahedron pendant is best combined with metal chain of similar design. Avoid waxed thread or leather lace.

Rectangle Necklace Pendant

Rectangle Necklace Pendant Source

The bohemian energy sparks from this, all natural pendant. It hangs on a chain, but it is good combination with lace as well. This will bring up some good vibrations in your soul every time you see it glimmering on the sun. Materials: gold and gold vermeil, amethyst, quartz made of several color design, gemstone and silver. You name it, we love it!

Elegant Geometric Bracelet

Elegant Geometric Bracelet Source

Upscale, elegant, but with simplicity, this kind of jewelry is the best option for any occasion. Geometric mosaic just brings attention to your hand and we adore this genuine design. Everything you do with your hand will become an instant focus to your friends.

Geometric Wooden Bead Necklace

Geometric Wooden Bead Necklace Source

Are you ready for some serious geometric glamour? Pastel resin cover will look fantastic on your long neck. Pure and complex go hand in hand with this necklace. Another great looking piece, that we’re dying to buy.

Tribal Geometric Jewelry Design

Tribal Geometric Jewelry Design Source

This handmade item is mixture of best materials one can find like: magnetic hematite, neodymium clasp for secure hold, stainless steel cable to withstand everything you throw at, no matter if that is a gym or off-road adventure in jungle.

Triangle Geometric Stud Earrings

Triangle Geometric Stud Earrings Source

Isn’t there any better idea than to blend in two precious materials into a unique piece of jewelry. Ivory and gold, holding each other forever, in rectangular stud earrings. Inox steel is used to prevent any hypoallergenic incident which can spoil your weekend.

Long Geometric Dangle Earrings

Long Geometric Dangle Earrings Source

Its beauty lies in its simplicity of rings and complexity of dangling pieces with a tear drop. Do you see this piece of beauty on your ear? We do. Great gift for someone you love or to celebrate grand finale of a hard task.

Vintage Geometric Necklace

Vintage Geometric Necklace Source

Geometric Pattern Silver Earrings

Geometric Pattern Silver Oval Earrings Source

Geometric Beaded Necklace

Geometric Leaves Necklace Source

Handmade Geometric Necklace

Handmade Geometric Necklace Source

Simple Geometric Jewelry

Simple Geometric Jewelry Source

Gold Geometric Earrings

Gold Geometric Earrings Source

Blue Dangle Geometric Earrings

Blue Modern Geometric Earrings Source

Gold Drop Down Geometric Earrings

Gold Simple Geometric Earrings Source

Geometric Sterling Silver Earrings

Geometric Sterling Silver Earrings Source

Wooden Geometric Necklace

Wooden Geometric Necklace Source

Aquamarine Sterling Silver Necklace

Aquamarine Sterling Silver Necklace Source

Earrings in antique brass tone are getting popular. This is maybe marketing hype, but seems everybody loves this. Oversized hoops with asymmetric dangling chains are probably best thing you can buy to your girlfriend. She will be inspired by great design. Do you love cute pieces we presented here? Try them on and you will see by yourself.

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