Finding the right necklace designs is not always easy. Very woman has a unique style and special personal tastes that require certain designs when it comes to jewelry. Heart designs can give you a romantic look that adds glamour in every outfit. Depending on the design and the decorative elements it might have, you get many different looks. For this post we scoured the web bringing you a collection of heart necklace designs to choose.

Diamond Heart Necklace Designs

Diamonds can come in many different sizes. This makes them perfect for heart necklace designs. You can choose a design with round or square cut diamonds that will cover the lines of the pendant adding character to formal and casual outfits.

White Gold Diamond Heart Necklace

white gold diamond heart necklace

Open Heart Necklace Designs

Open heart designs have a delicate look that makes them unique. You can choose a design with clear or colored gemstones or you can go with a simple design made of rose gold, silver or platinum for a minimalistic style.

Ruby Heart Necklace Designs

You can find many different heart necklace designs with red rubies. The vibrant red color makes the necklace look bold and stylish and looks great with monochrome outfits. Suitable for every woman that needs a classic gemstone for formal occasions. You may also See Skull Necklace

Ruby Heart Pendant Necklace

ruby heart pendant necklace

Ruby Double Heart Necklace

ruby double heart necklace

Gold Heart Necklaces

Whether it comes in yellow, white or rose hues, gold will always hold a special place in every woman’s heart. The heart shape adds a creative design that look luxurious and elegant giving you a versatile piece to wear every day.

Gold Sideways Heart Necklace

gold sideway heart necklace

Silver Heart Necklace Trends

The trends in silver heart necklaces are all about elegance and style with the least amount of decorative elements. This way you can get a minimalistic design in silver with an open heart design and a small solitaire valuable gemstone.

Handmade Silver Heart Necklace

handmade silver heart necklace


Crystal Heart Necklaces

With a crystal heart necklace you will be able to accessorize every outfit ranging from formal to casual. You can find them in many different colors to choose from, helping you find the one that will cover your stylistic needs.

Vintage Crystal Heart Necklace

vintage crystal heart necklace


Crystal Heart Pendant Necklace

crystal heart pendant necklace1


Double Heart Necklace Designs

Double hearts come with various combinations. Interwoven with each other, with colored or clear crystals you can find many different styles for your jewelry collection. For an interesting piece you can choose a design with two different colors for effect. You may also See Geometric Necklace

Double Heart Link Necklace

double heart link necklace

Heart Pendant Necklaces

Heart pendants have elegant designs that bring a glamorous look. From solid metal to dazzling crystals you can find many designs that will create a complementing look for your outfits. Available in sterling silver, platinum and gold to choose from.

Leaf Heart Pendant Necklace

leaf heart pendant necklace


Heart Necklaces For Couples

Many couples choose to showcase their love with a pair of heart designs. You can find many heart necklaces for couples that feature a feminine and masculine design that will gratify both genders. The designs vary in material and style.

Sliver Heart Necklaces For Couples

sliver heart necklaces for couples

Infinity Heart Necklace Designs

Both the heart and infinite designs are a trending concept for many necklace designs. You can have both in a stylish and creative design that comes in two toned materials as well as gemstones that will make your outfits exceptional.

Sterling Silver Infinity Heart Necklace

sterling silver infinity heart necklace

Broken Heart Necklaces

Broken heart designs are a great way to express your feelings as well as your personal style. You can find them with etched designs or with decorative stones that will add character and a dazzling quality for an eye catching piece.

Handmade Broken Heart Necklace

handmade broken heart necklace


Small Heart Necklace Trends

A necklace with a small heart will give you the right combination of delicate beauty and glamorous design. These designs can accentuate your collarbone beautifully while adding character into your outfits whether it is for casual or formal occasion.

Gold Small Heart Necklace

gold small heart necklace

Pearl Heart Necklace Designs

Pearl necklaces have a classic beauty that is valuable for every woman’s personality. You can get a design with a small pearl that will add an all time classic quality to your every look. It matches all metals with style.

Pearl Heart Pendant Necklace

pearl heart pendant necklace


Floating Heart Necklaces

Floating hearts add a constant movement that makes you look sophisticated and elegant. The delicate design of the metal along with the lack of many decorative designs offers a minimalistic embellishment. You can find it in gold, silver and bronze. You may also See Layered Necklace

Silver Floating Heart Necklace

silver floating heart necklace

Heart and Key Necklace Designs

The key to your heart comes in delicate designs that feature stylish metals and dazzling crystals. You can get a statement piece with elaborate decorative elements or a simple design that will give you extra points for your personal taste.

Heart and Key Crystal Necklace

heart and key crystal necklace1


Choose the right necklace according to your personal preferences as well as the shape of your neck. Also in case of choosing a design with a colored gem you need to be aware of your wardrobe. Matching your jewelry with your clothes is not always necessary but compatible colors will add style in your outfits for both casual and formal occasions. Lastly you can choose a design for formal outfits that will complement your look.

From sapphires to diamond necklaces you have a vast selection of designs to choose. You can go for a dramatic design that will work as a statement piece or you can keep things simple with a sparkly necklace with subtle gems and elegant features that will make you look stylish.

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