With many necklaces available to date, a monogram necklace is a popular choice because they are distinct. When you customize it using your initials, you will never find the same necklace with another person. These necklaces are a favorite to many because they combine two or more initials of your name or business; hence giving a sense of belonging. Monogram necklace designs are status signs; they are simple to acknowledge and provide a sense of connection.

Gold Monogram Necklaces

If you want a necklace that will last for a long time, opt for gold monogram necklaces. The subtle golden shine will add elegance to work attire. Yellow gold will work for men while white gold and rose gold will look stunning on women.

Gold Monogram Long Necklace

gold monogram long necklace

Silver Monogram Necklaces

Silver monogram necklaces are affordable as compared to gold and have a white shine that will make your neck to stand out. The appealing white gray color of silver and smooth feel is what makes it a popular choice for making beautiful jewelry.

Handmade Silver Monogram Necklace

handmade silver monogram necklace


Sterling Silver Monogram Necklace

sterling silver monogram necklace

Small Monogram Necklaces

Do you want a monogram necklace that will complement your work outfits? If yes, then small monogram necklaces are perfect for you. Designs that are about the size of a nickel will spice up a dull business suit or a simple solid-colored outfit.

Small Monogram Bar Necklace

small monogram bar necklace

Gold Small Monogram Necklace

gold small monogram necklace

Monogram Bar Necklace

If you want trendy jewelry, then monogram bar necklaces are a must have in your jewelry box. Popular with Hollywood celebrities, you too can embrace this attractive design by choosing a necklace size that will flatter most of your outfits. You may also See Layered Necklace

Monogram Double Bar Necklace

monogram double bar necklace


Monogram Bar Name Necklace

monogram bar name necklace


Circle Monogram Necklaces

A circle pendant with a personalized monogram is hard not to notice and love! Suitable for girls of all ages, you can wear this necklace to a prom or a wedding. This design will remain timeless so that you can wear it next year and you will still look trendy.

Circle Monogram Long Necklace

circle monogram long necklace


Circle Monogram Glass Necklace

circle monogram glass necklace


Pearl Monogram Necklaces

Do you need a unique Christmas gift to give your mom? Then get her a pearl monogram necklace. With this necklace, she can showcase her elegance and top fashion style. You can opt for silver or rose gold pendant with her name or initials.

Pearl Monogram Pendant Necklace

pearl monogram pendant necklace

Acrylic Monogram Necklaces

Acrylic monogram necklaces are gaining popularity because they are versatile, affordable and comfortable to wear especially for ladies with a busy lifestyle. The bright pendant colors give them a fun look that will help your outfit to look polished and trendy.

Wooden Monogram Necklaces

Eco-friendly and hypoallergenic, wooden monogram necklaces will glam up any outfit. They are perfect for people who prefer organic accessories and those who want to spice up their jewelry collection. These necklaces look good on guys of any age as well as women.

Wooden Celtic Monogram Necklace

wooden celtic monogram necklace


Monogram Disk Necklaces

If you love layering, then go for short monogram disk necklaces which you can add to other long necklaces. While one disc is stunning, you will look like a fashion icon when you wear two monogram disc necklaces.

Diamond Monogram Necklaces

Make your outfit sparkle by opting for diamond monogram necklaces. You can wear this necklace with a prom dress or gift it to your wife to express how much you love and treasure her. The bright sparkle of a diamond will draw attention towards her unique style.

Diamond Monogram Letter Necklace

diamond monogram letter necklace

Filigree Monogram Necklaces

Whether with a choker or long chain, filigree monogram necklaces look stunning on kids and adults. Suitable for people who love antique jewelry, these accessories tend to be in gold or silver metal with lace detailing that gives them a feminine look. You may also See Pearl Necklace

Filigree Monogram Necklace for Women

filigree monogram necklace for women


Kid’s Monogram Necklaces

Show your baby girl just how special she is by getting her a monogram necklace. This necklace is the ideal birthday gift especially for kids who love to accessorize. You can even include her birthstone and get the monogram pendant to be in her favorite color.

Monogram Heart Necklace

Monogram heart necklaces will match every personality and are easy to wear. You can gift this necklace design to your mother, sister or wife during special days such as anniversary and Christmas to show the deep love you have.

Handmade Monogram Heart Necklace

handmade monogram heart necklace


Monogram Initial Necklace

Whether in a short or long strand, initial monogram necklaces can be worn anytime. They are elegant enough for a dinner date and will easily accentuate your beautiful neck.

Monogram Initial Steel Necklace

monogram initial steel necklace

Monogram Pendant Necklace

Surprise your best friend by getting her a monogram pendant necklace. To make it more special go for those that comes with a matching bracelet or earrings. Avoid any skin reactions by opting for those in platinum, wood or pearl chains.

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