This year necklaces are the trendy accessory that’s taking center stage in the fashion world. As someone who always wants to look good, it’s important to have a broad range of accessories including a lace necklace. With a statement necklace, a woman can enhance her outfit as well as express her style.

Lace necklaces also come in handy when you need to make a simple outfit stand out. So, read on to find lace necklace designs that will flatter your outfit.

If green is your favorite color then you will love this green crochet lace necklace. Crocheted using cotton fibers and acrylic thread, the floral details make this accessory chic and feminine. This handmade necklace is suitable for casual occasions.

Lace Collar Necklace

lace collar necklace

This lace collar necklace will match with an elegant dress especially when going for a party. Suitable for ladies who prefer gothic accessories, the bold red pendant will help draw attention towards your neck and attire.

Beaded Lace Necklace

beaded lace necklace

This cute beaded lace necklace with a spider pendant is perfect for completing your Halloween costume. With this design, you can choose a choker or a long necklace that will draw attention towards your cleavage.

Lace Choker Necklace Design

lace choker necklace design

Celebrities and famous fashion models such as Kendal Jenner and Gigi Hadid love to wear choker necklaces. You too can get on board with this trend by opting for this comfortable and soft lace choker necklace suitable for all ages.

Statement Lace Necklace

statement lace necklace

Leather Lace Necklace

leather lace necklace

Stand out from the crowd using a bohemian black leather lace necklace. The black floral choker gives this accessory a fun appeal while the gold-plated and leather chains give it a modern trend. Pair with subtle stud earrings.

White Pure Lace Necklace

white pure lace necklace

Lace choker necklaces flatter women with long and slender necks. However, ladies with wider necks should opt for thin chokers. While women with oval shapes can wear all types of chokers, those with heart face shapes can use this necklace type to flatter their narrow chin.

Lace Filigree Necklace

lace filigree necklace

Gold Lace Necklace

gold lace necklace

When wearing a crop top with skirt go for a choker while for those ladies who wish to lengthen their necklines go for long statement necklaces that draw attention towards your outfit.

Lace Wave Necklace

lace wave necklace

Lace Beads and Pendant Necklace

lace beads and pendant necklace

Ribbon Lace Necklace

ribbon lace necklace

Gray Lace Necklace

gray lace necklace

Cotton Lace Necklace

cotton lace necklace

A beautiful lace necklace can enhance how you look as well as portray your style. A choker necklace which is available in different colors and material helps to frame the face as well as flatter low cut outfits. So, whether you prefer long necklaces or chokers, the right lace necklace will complement your skin tone and outfit.

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