Fabric jewelry is a unique alternative to anything metallic. From earrings to necklaces they have a great variety in shape, form and style that makes them ideal for every occasion. Fabric is an easy to use material, that can be molded for many different styles and create amazing unique pieces like tropical jewelry. In case you want to incorporate this material in your jewelry collection keep on reading for our list of beautiful fabric jewelry designs.

Handmade Fabric Jewelry Idea

handmade fabric jewelry idea

Most fabric jewelry is handmade having a unique and homey feeling. This beautiful necklace is made of fabric and leather stripes. You can find in different types of fabric like felt, cotton, silk and in multicolored synthesis like this one.

Tribal Fabric Jewelry

tribal fabric jewelry

A tribal design is always a fashionable way to make a statement with your jewelry. This choker is made of fabric and chunky beads in different colors. The layout of the design creates a tribal pattern of colorful beaded leaves.

Vintage Fabric Jewelry Design

vintage fabric jewelry design

Vintage earrings are always chic. Button styled ones have an exceptional quality of sophisticated elegance. Fabric earrings and jewelry are vulnerable to water so make sure you remove them before taking a shower.

Fabric Covered Jewelry

fabric covered jewelry

The African pattern of this set of fabric jewelry creates an ethnic style that would be great in wooden jewelry too. You can match them with dark colored clothes or with earthy tones for a pure African look.

Ethnic Fabric Jewelry

ethnic fabric jewelry

Gypsy-styled hoop earrings are always in style. This pair of earrings has been inspired by the Peruvian culture bringing an ethnic colorful accessory for you. The large yellow glass beads add a funky approach to the look.

Fabric Flower Jewelry

fabric flower jewelry

This is a romantic necklace that would be ideal for spring or autumn weddings. The combination of soft colors with the wool, the macramé and the fabric ribbons create a stunning piece of jewelry for you can wear for years.

Wrapped Fabric Jewelry

wrapped fabric jewelry

This beaded necklace gets an elegant twist with the fabric wrap. The softness of the fabric makes it ideal for everyday use. Its design is suitable for all ages and the technique could be used in geometric jewelry as well.

Lace is a super elegant fabric that adds a romantic tone to everything. This blue pendant necklace with the white lace is the epitome of elegance. It can be used for both casual and formal occasions.

Braided Fabric Jewelry

braided fabric jewelry

A summer necklace that is modern and romantic at the same time. The chiffon ribbon that is entwined with the golden chain will make even the simplest outfit look glamorous. You can have it one color or multicolored.

Embroidered Fabric Jewelry

embroidered fabric jewelry

Colorful Fabric Chocker Jewelry

colorful fabric chocker jewelry

Lace Cuff Fabric Bracelet

lace cuff fabric bracelet

Aztec Fabric Rope Necklace

aztec fabric rope necklace2

Pink Fabric Floral Pendant

pink fabric floral pendant

The variety of designs is remarkable. Choose between simple and monochromatic to intricate mosaic jewelry. These are also easy to make in case you want to give it a try.

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