It is not a secret that we adore a good necklace. We can’t help ourselves but look at every new idea that comes with a great potential like trendy knot necklaces. They are very cool and an unusual kind of the jewelry. We are constantly hunting for new and innovative jewelry to boost up your appearance. This kind of the necklace is awesome as it is easy to pair with any outfit and make it from a usual to striking. They are the perfect gift for any occasion, just like Statement Necklace. You may also see Handmade Necklace Designs

Celtic Knot Necklace

Celtic Knot Necklace Source

This kind of necklace derives its theme from a tree motif worshiped by ancient Celts. It represents firm attitude and strength. No storm can take it down and in the meantime, it will live to an old age.

Trinity Knot Necklace Design

Trinity Knot Necklace Design Source

A Silver chain is flattened and hammered for the purpose of appearance. Great representation of another Trinity design in the form of angel wings and wind swirls arabesque. The nice curves flowing one into another makes the pendant look great. You may also see Pearl Necklace Designs

Love Knot Necklace Idea

Love Knot Necklace Idea Source

It makes for a perfect gift! Guys, if you have someone to make up to, this necklace is perfect. It will look great with a casual cloth and at the same time nicely fits in with office looks. You can engrave an important date or initials.

Cool Knot Necklace

Infinity Knot Necklace Source

Several waxed threads knotted in one beautiful creation. Different colors make great appearances and although this is not gold or anything shiny and metallic, it will still attract the attention of the people around you. A brilliant wear for a beach day or volleyball or you can go for Prom Necklaces instead.

Knot Bow Necklace

Knot Bow Necklace Source

We fell in love with this great knot bow necklace. It is so light and comfortable to wear. If you are a dame with a vision to create a collection that is eye-catching, this is something you should add.

Beaded Knot Necklace Design

Beaded Knot Necklace Design Source

This is an awesome, glamorous necklace, made with pink, blue and transparent beads. Great for a party. Beaded knot is a well-known idea. Pieces that reflect one’s inner self-esteem and makes ladies feel confident.

Knot Choker Necklace Idea

Knot Choker Necklace Idea Source

Black and red cords tied into never ending complex knot. The leather braid cord stands great on every neck and on every woman. Age makes no difference, as this is great for casual wear. You can use cords in neon colors and this will make you look like a pop star!

Leather Knot Necklace

Leather Knot Necklace Source

Leather only covers the true core inside of this necklace. As it has been made of alpinist rope, it incorporates threads waved into an ultimate number of knots. Great DIY project and it is easy to do it. Use only really new leather. Care about Handmade Necklace?

Sliding Knot Necklace Design

Sliding Knot Necklace Design Source

Tahitian pearl is the latest fashion trick you could find. Knotted on specific places to keep the pear in place, it uses a natural leather cord to emphasize natural materials only. You can easily turn this into choker if you need in a few steps. Just make sure you have original crystal pearl.

Neon Knot Necklace

Neon Knot Necklace Source

The sailor knot is an ultimate idea. When you make this kind of a necklace, just keep in mind you have to use bright colors, in this particular case, it is pink. This is a gorgeous necklace. Neon colors will always improve your mood or mood of people around you. We have fallen in love, and you?

Antique Diamond Knot Necklace

Antique Diamond Knot Necklace Source

Handmade Knot Necklace Design

Handmade Knot Necklace Design Source

Pretty Pink Knot Necklace

Pretty Pink Knot Necklace Source

Rose Gold Heart Knot Pendant Necklace

Rose Gold Heart Knot Pendant Necklace Source

Fabric Knot Necklace

Fabric Knot Necklace Source

Trendy Knot Necklace Design

Trendy Knot Necklace Design Source

Sterling Silver Knot Necklace

Sterling Silver Knot Necklace Source

Simple Gold Knot Necklace

 Simple Gold Knot Necklace Source

Handcrafted Knot Necklace

Handcrafted Knot Necklace Source

Wire Wrapped Knot Pendant Necklace

Wire Wrapped Knot Pendant Necklace Source

Blue and Gold Beaded Knot Necklace

Blue and Gold Beaded Knot Necklace Source

Be careful when you buy or use new materials in case your skin is sensitive to the certain materials, especially if you chose choker necklace. All designs presented, are just a small portion of this theme. But, if you want to be spotted from a mile away, you will have to think about something like this.

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