Necklaces with bar pendants are elegant and simple to look which makes them a very good office wear or college wear. Many a times we search for jewelry which is every day wear and which goes well with any kind of dress whether it may be a casual one or a formal one. The bar pendant necklace is one such jewelry which goes well with any kind of dress and which can be worn on daily basis. There are a variety of necklace designs in bar pendant necklaces, let us have a look at some of them. You may also See Gold Necklace

Diamond Bar Necklace Design

Diamond bar necklace is another daily wear jewelry which goes well with casuals such as tee shirts. This minimalist jewelry is a must have in every woman’s ward robe as it can be just picked up and worn with out thinking much about matching the jelwery and the outfit.

diamond bar necklace design


Silver Bar Necklace Design

This minimalist silver necklace with bar pendant is a perfect one for college girls and working women. The specialty of this necklace is that your name or your loved one’s name can be engraved on the pendant which makes it a very good gifting option.

silver bar necklace design

Name Bar Necklace Design

A necklace with engraved bar pendant makes it a special one. This necklace can be gifted to someone you love or buy for yourself to feel special. This silver necklace is a minimalist jewelry which goes well with any outfit and adds charm to any woman.

name bar necklace design


Curved Bar Necklace Design

Curved bar pendant necklace is a simple yet elegant which mingles with the curvature of the neck. This silver necklace is a handy piece of jewelry which can be worn to work, college or a party. This necklace with its simplicity is sure to win hearts. You may also See Crystal Necklace

curved bar necklace design

Monogram Bar Necklace

A monogram engraved bar pendant necklace makes it a very special piece of jewelry. This daily wear necklace can be worn with any outfit and as it is made of silver, it is sure to last for ever. It is a good choice to buy jewelry which lasts forever as they add up to the collection.

monogram bar necklace

Crystal Bar Necklace

This beautiful black necklace with crystals held together as a bar is an attractive piece of jewelry. When we feel wearing something off beat and which is really unique, this is the perfect choice. The crystals have a healing capacity which soothes the person wearing it, which makes it an added advantage.

crystal bar necklace


Horizontal Bar Necklace

The wooden bar pendant necklace is a creative piece of jewelry which adds up to the beauty and charm of any woman wearing it. The rustic look f the necklace gives an unique dimension to the necklace which makes it special.

horizontal bar necklace

Vertical Bar Necklace

The vertical bars, gold coated and silver coated are unique pendants which can be worn with a simple necklace. This necklace is a very good gifting option or can be worn by bridesmaids for a wedding. This can also be worn to a prom party which makes them stand out. You may also See Layered Necklace

vertical bar necklace

The bar pendant necklaces are loved by women as they are simple and elegant. They are also a very good gifting options on various occasions. Especially the gold bar necklace can be gifted on weddings, anniversaries etc. as it lasts forever.

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