If you are seeing a lot of leaf necklace designs around, that certainly is because this kind of a necklace has been a big trend since the summers now. And it doesn’t seem like they are going to lose any attention by the end of a present year, just like a choker necklace. Of course, there is a good reason for that. For example, the proper leaf statement necklace of this kind of design will change your whole way of dressing. The bigger ones give more glamorous effect.

Leaf Statement Necklace

leaf statement necklace

When we speak about glamor, this one can change a plain outfit into something “par excellence” and probably a large piece might be the only thing you will need with a proper dress tonight.

Our favorite way to wear a cute pendant necklace is to pair it with a cloth that is simple, sometimes dull, like a plain bodice or white shirt and jeans jacket. This pendant is made by incorporating an original serpentine gemstone, which is neatly fashioned into a leaf shape. Add a bit of gold and you will get that expensive effect you are looking for. You may also see Gothic Necklace Designs

Leaf and petal are often a choice of an artist for this kind of design. They usually have a secret meaning behind a whole thing, like a happiness or good luck. Blue enamel combined with a gold base makes an astonishing effect to the eye.

Vintage Leaf Necklace

vintage leaf necklace

Brass material is something which has been used for centuries. Nowadays it has a great impact to charting new territories in the world of  jewelry design because it gives that retro look.

Beaded Leaf Necklace

beaded leaf necklace

Metal parts are silver tone tarnished to give the whole structure integrity, but leaves have been made of glass. A Very interesting approach of the inventor of this beautiful peace with pink, blue and turquoise ribbed leafs.

Woven Leaf Necklace

woven leaf necklace

This is an incredible mixture of different materials and colors. This kind of a necklace features copper, zinc, acrylic and stone made of high-quality glass stones. Rhodium color is representing the best of this design, done by intertwined lines. Christina Aguilera is especially proud of her peace.

Leaf Choker Necklace

leaf choker necklace

Can you imagine any better way to use a clay material than in this colorful choker necklace in the form of a leaf? An incredible tone of green color will make you smiling all day. It is the best choice for an evening outing or first date. Have a look at Handmade Necklace now.

Leaf Drop Pendant Necklace

leaf drop pendant necklace

It is a simple chain, but yet complex pendant in the form of a leaf. Represent a true eye candy to look at. This is a great mixture of zircon stone and sterling silver. If you are going to a dinner at ambassador’s residence this one is, by far, the best choice between this and Prom Necklace design.

Yellow Gold Leaf Necklace

yellow gold leaf necklace

When it comes to details, this yellow gold necklace brings the leaf design to a whole new level. A brilliant design by an artist will make a simple solution look very expensive. Great piece of a jewelry is a must have for any jewelry box.

Leaf Layered Necklace

leaf layered necklace

Don’t worry if you have to pair a bold layered necklace design like this, with a bold pattern to counter balance the whole appearance. Don’t forget to apply the same rule, by keeping the rest of your cloth simple and elegant.

Gold Leaf Necklace Idea

gold leaf necklace idea

Multi Colored Leaf Pendant Necklace

multi colored leaf pendant necklace

Pretty Leaf Necklace Design

pretty leaf necklace design

Flower and Leaf Necklace

flower and leaf necklace

Beautiful Leaf Necklace Idea

beautiful leaf necklace idea

Sterling Silver Leaf Necklace

sterling silver leaf necklace

Cool Leaf Necklace Idea

cool leaf necklace idea

Cute Fall Leaf Necklace

cute fall leaf necklace

Retro Bronze Leaf Necklace

retro bronze leaf necklace

Elegant Leaf Necklace with Pearls

elegant leaf necklace with pearls

Rose Gold Leaf Pendant Necklace

rose gold leaf pendant necklace

We can make a conclusion that beautiful leaf necklace designs are here to stay. This is a very trendy and it is up to an artist how it will bring on any new and fresh ideas for any other type of a leaf necklace. If you have complex craftsmanship, the rest of your outfit will be plain and simple. This is a key to a great overall appearance.

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