One of the most sorted necklace designs come in the butterfly motif pendant. Studded with stones of different colors. They look good when worn with evening dresses. This is one of the diamond necklace designs that you can vouch for. They are elegant and the kind of charm jewelry that is available in gold and antique metal. You will find numerous designs for necklaces that suit your personality and taste. There is always that ideal design that goes well with most of the occasions.

Butterfly Wing Necklace

butterfly wing necklace

This is a necklace with a pendant of one wing of butterfly that is colored in blue and a hue of violet. This is suitable for teenage girls. You can wear any casual dress except denim with this style of pendant.

Crystal Butterfly Necklace Design

crystal butterfly necklace design

This is a beautiful handmade necklace design that is studded with light blue and purple rhinestone crystals. Made in sterling silver, this pendant has the design of half of a butterfly. This gives it a unique charm and an appeal to the wearer.

One of the most beautiful necklace design made in clay, earthenware looks good on ethnic clothes with some woolen or thread embroidery thrown in. The motifs can range from tribal designs to any other esoteric symbolism.

Beaded Butterfly Necklace

beaded butterfly necklace

This is a gold tone jewelry made in rose quartz stone. Butterfly beads in rose quartz are set amongst rounded beads of all sizes. This is atypical vintage jewelry with a subtle beauty and elegant charm. Wear clothes made from light fabrics with this necklace.

Butterfly Choker Necklace

butterfly choker necklace

This is a choker necklace made of black metal. It has the motif of butterfly in the middle. The closures are a hook and a chain. This goes well with leather clothing only. Do not wear this with summer dresses or free flowing fabrics.

Butterfly Gemstone Necklace

butterfly gemstone necklace

This is a necklace that has stones in multi colors. It is plated in yellow gold. The edge of the butterfly motif is studded with white stones. This is a beautiful necklace that looks good on solid color evening dress. Wear dresses that do not have embellishment when you wear this necklace.

Butterfly Mood Necklace

butterfly mood necklace

A fashionable silver chain with a butterfly pendant in blue color looks good on young girls and women. You can wear this necklace daily to the work or school as its charm does seem to fade. This is a simple yet beautiful piece that goes well with most of the dresses.

Ruby Butterfly Necklace

ruby butterfly necklace

A beautiful sterling silver necklace with a butterfly motif studded with pink diamonds looks beautiful on women of all ages. You can gift wrap this beautiful necklace to any women you love. The stones on silver are a perfect combination of stunner looking jewelry.

Colorful Butterfly Necklace Design

colorful butterfly necklace design

A vibrant pendant design with butterfly motif can charm younger women when they wear this with clothes that have frills and pleats. This is a unique and a colorful design in a necklace made with silver and studded with colorful rhinestones. You may also see Minimal Necklace Designs

Beautiful Butterfly Necklace Design

beautiful butterfly necklace design

Personalized Butterfly Necklace Idea

personalized butterfly necklace idea

Sterling Silver Butterfly Necklace

sterling silver butterfly necklace

Unique Butterfly Pendant Necklace

unique butterfly pendant necklace

Swarovski Crystal Butterfly Necklace

swarovski crystal butterfly necklace

Celtic Butterfly Pendant Necklace

celtic butterfly pendant necklace

Trendy Butterfly Necklace Design

trendy butterfly necklace design

Silver Butterfly Necklace

silver butterfly necklace

Most of the vintage and prom jewelry come in motifs of butterfly and other animal totems. You can wear choker necklace if you want to bring back the spirit of the 90’s in the wardrobe. Black dresses with corsages or high waisted skirts and denim with layered blouse look good with these necklaces.

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