Locket necklaces are an all time favorite accessory to many ladies as they easily express personal style. These necklace designs will open up to allow you to place personal charms. They work to decorate the neck, express your romantic side as you get to put a picture of a loved one and carry it closer to your heart whenever you go. Regardless of your age, there is a locket necklace that will suit your lifestyle and fashion style.

Gold Locket Necklace Designs

If you are fond of jewelry made of precious metal, then gold locket necklace designs are perfect for you. These necklaces don’t react with air hence will not rust or tarnish. While the yellow gold is the most popular color you can go for other shades such as white gold and rose gold.

White Gold Locket Necklace Design

white gold locket necklace design

Gold Heart Locket Necklace

gold heart locket necklace


Heart Locket Necklaces

Heart locket necklaces are a wardrobe basic for any woman who has ever fallen in love. The heart symbol works to express love making these necklaces the ideal gift to give your mother, daughter or wife. Go for a one of a kind vintage heart locket and pass it on to your granddaughter.

Silver Heart Locket Necklace

silver heart locket necklace

Silver Locket Necklace Trends

The shiny characteristic of silver is what makes it a favorite for many people. Silver locket necklaces are suitable for men as well as girls and will complement any outfit color. Made from precious metal, this accessory looks luxurious.

Sterling Silver Locket Necklace

sterling silver locket necklace


Silver Locket Beads Necklace

silver locket beads necklace


Vintage Locket Necklaces

Vintage locket necklaces are one of a kind and long lasting. These necklaces are usually made in the 1900s hence can help you relieve past fashion jewelry styles. They make meaningful gifts and great family heirlooms. You may also See Mandala Necklace

Gold Vintage Locket Necklace

gold vintage locket necklace


Long Vintage Locket Necklace

long vintage locket necklace

Floating Locket Necklaces

Floating pendant necklaces are eye-catching and will instantly add style to your look. They carry sentimental values and hold deep personal meaning to the wearer. Team this necklace with a simple t-shirt or a solid colored top to help the jewelry stand out.

Round Floating Locket Necklace

round floating locket necklace1


Oval Locket Necklace Designs

Oval locket necklace designs are for women who love unique shape. The oval form will make the locket appear larger making to easier to spot from afar. It blends both casual and formal look so you can wear it with any casual outfits. You may also See Fabric Necklace

Rose Gold Oval Locket Necklace

rose gold oval locket necklace


Wire Wrapped Oval Locket Necklace

wire wraped oval locket necklace


Glass Locket Necklaces

Do you love handmade accessories? Then opt for glass locket necklaces. The luster trait of glass will make your outfit look sparkly. Choose to purchase a glass locket that is transparent so that you can showcase what is inside the space.

Glass Locket Pendant Necklace

glass locket pendant necklace

Diamond Locket Necklace Trends

Girls love diamonds because they sparkle. You can show your preference for unique diamond necklaces by getting it in a locket design. This necklace will catch everyone’s attention so wear it with a classy evening dress or gift to your wife as an anniversary gift. You may also See Layered Necklace Designs

Silver Diamond Locket Necklace

silver diamond locket necklace

Celtic Locket Necklaces

Celtic locket necklace is not just for people of Irish descendants, but for anyone who loves unique accessories. Religious individuals can also go for a design that includes the trinity knot. To express love go for those with Claddagh symbol.

Modern Locket Necklaces

Modern locket designs are often customized according to the requirement of the person wearing them. They often feature engraved designs which further add to the necklace uniqueness. You can get a design with geometric shapes, flowers or beautiful charms.

Modern Oval Locket Necklaces

modern oval locket necklaces


Pearl Locket Necklace Designs

If timeless jewelry is what you are after, then go for pearl locket necklace designs. Pearl necklaces with a locket are classy and will complement work clothing as well as casual outfits. Both natural and cultured pearls will make you look chic.

Pearl Necklace with Gold Locket

pearl necklace with gold locket


Initial Locket Necklaces

Popular with celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Taylor Swift, initial necklaces are the trendy fashion accessory. With initial locket necklace, you can show the world how you feel. The initials can be your name, family name or that of your spouse.

Square Locket Necklace Trends

Square locket necklace is a must have for anyone who wants to put a passport photo of yourself, spouse or your whole family. They come in gold, silver and even with precious stones. They have a sentimental meaning and still work as a fashion accessory.

Silver Square Locket Necklace

silver square locket necklace

Wooden Locket Necklaces

If you are fond of accessories handmade using natural materials then you will love wooden locket necklaces. Go for those made of hardwood to ensure durability.

Floral Locket Necklace Designs

For a feminine look, opt for floral locket necklace designs. They are cute and can be in the form of your favorite flower in a color that will look good with any outfit. You may also See Skull Necklace Designs

Vintage Floral Locket Necklace

vintage floral locket necklace


Locket necklaces are pendants with space for storing a picture and other small personal items. Dating back to 16th century, these accessories are placed on chains and worn around the neck. They are available in different shapes like heart or rectangle, and the most popular ones are those with gold necklaces.

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