Do you love nature? If you like it as we do, you will love our idea of presenting you a nature inspired jewelry. We all know that nature is the best designer, isn’t it? Be it one piece of a snowflake or mason work on the stone face or colorful wing of a butterfly. Everywhere you look, you will find an inspiration. Isn’t it the best way to celebrate all these gifts of mother nature by exploring the exciting world of a jewelry inspired by herself?

Nature Inspired Necklace Design

nature inspired necklace design


Perfect match for a college girl, especially if she is a freshman. Oak motif with great details represents a strength and unique attitude towards life. Additional gems are there to make it more attractive to the eyes, as they brake bronze color domination.

Nature Inspired Bridal Jewelry

nature inspired bridal jewelry


Made for a special occasion, like when a dream comes true. A dream that every girl dreams from early childhood is to get married. It fits nice and with long, white gown dress you will become special like Disney princess. You may also see Sculptural Jewelry Designs

Who can resist to this simple and sweet handcrafted necklace with a round medallion? Ideal for casual wearing with a pair of jeans or a fish net wool dress. Sun glasses are a sure thing and a pony tail.

Nature Inspired Earrings

nature inspired earrings


Peacock pearls and feathers are legendary and have diverse forms that can be applied in every occasion like party or office. Please, consider not to take them with you at an interview for a first job. Thumbs up for a silk dress of your choice.

Natural Stone Jewelry Idea

natural stone jewelry idea


Great peace of DIY-crafted jewelry. Do you recognize the meaning, one of the nature elements the earth? Copper wire makes it old, woven with silver like lines in a form of endless spring. Routinely we would like to say, a unique piece for a unique person.

Unique Fruit Bracelet Design

unique fruit bracelet design


Bracelet of this width requires a brooch of the similar size to keep the equilibrium. The beautiful design in lime green colors putting an accent on a kiwi motif.

Leaf Pendant Necklace

leaf pendant necklace


Now, put your attention to turquoise stones as they balance the whole thread. This is the highlight of the summer with turquoise being the current favorite color.

Long Branch Earrings Idea

long branch earrings idea

Handmade item by professional. Materials incorporated are gold for ear wires, matte gold for branch parts and bird. Small water pearls at the end to add spice to the mixture.

Small Natural Rock Jewelry

small natural rock jewelry

Raw stones have been used for this type of bracelet. Warm colors are must, like orange, yellow, teal, grayish-blue. Wonderful piece of jewelry, fashioned of natural gemstone, raw stone, and rough stone. It will look pretty and elegant if you use them with any maxi dress. It can be a nice gift for your sweetheart.

Vintage Nature Inspired Jewelry

vintage nature inspired jewelry


We say it again as we said before, turquoise is the main thing this summer. This ring is fashioned with an idea of beautiful saddle or shield. Two fishes going in a circle represent a circle of life. Yin and Yang if you wish. Looks like it wants to say “what goes around, comes around.” You may also see Animal Themed Jewelry Designs

Mountain View Pendant Design

mountain view pendant design


Beautiful Cuff Design Idea

beautiful cuff design idea


Natural Handcrafted Jewelry Idea

natural handcrafted jewelry idea


Wire Wrapped Pendant Idea

wire wrapped pendant idea


Awesome Silver Jewelry Design

awesome silver jewelry design


Bronze Leaf Bracelet Design

bronze leaf bracelet design


Light weight Dragonfly Earrings

light weight dragonfly earrings


Sage Leaf Earrings Idea

sage leaf earrings idea


Handmade Pendant Design Idea

handmade pendant design idea


Go to nature and increase your spiritual wealth, bring up new positive attitude. Hold the beauty of the wild mountains in your chest, feel the crisp and cold mountain air. Do you feel how this talisman makes you smile like we do?

Jersey dress or pair of jeans combined with handcrafted jewelry like a brooch or a necklace with elements painted in turquoise is now launched and it will be projected throughout the year. Imagine plain jacket and some of the beautiful pieces we presented here. This will make simple and royal to go hand in hand. If you go casual, you can always trim your copper bracelet to appropriate length and add accessories. Next big thing might be cheeky jewelry and tropical jewelry, as they both reflect the same thing, positive feelings!

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