So you have known your significant other for quite some time now, and you are ready to get down on one knee. To make this day perfect, you need a vintage engagement ring. These ring designs are beautiful, ecologically sound and unique. So you are sure that it is one of a kind just like your girlfriend. While diamond rings are famous for their dazzle, depending on your budget, you can pick any gemstone from ruby, sapphire to topaz. You may also see Vintage Inspired Engagement Rings

Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings

Do you need a ring with a stone that will depict class and elegance? Then go for vintage diamond engagement rings. The simplicity, timelessness and dazzling nature of diamond will make the finger of any woman to stand out.

Vintage Art Deco Diamond Engagement Ring

vintage art deco diamond engagement ring

Vintage Opal Engagement Rings

Engagement or wedding rings should reflect her personal style and vintage opal engagement rings symbolize assurance and fidelity. In many cultures, opal is believed to have therapeutic values. With a long history and various myths surrounding this stone, your engagement ring will surely show you care. You may also see Opal Ring Designs

Vintage Style Opal Engagement Ring

vintage style opal engagement ring

Vintage Oval Engagement Rings

If you need to portray eternal love and faithfulness, then vintage oval rings are what you need. The oval shape creates an illusion of length making whatever gemstone you choose to appear bigger and more beautiful. These rings will flatter women with short fingers.

Vintage Oval Engagement Ring for Women

vintage oval engagement ring for women


Vintage Pearl Engagement Rings

The milky white color of vintage pearl engagement rings is believed to be a symbol of purity and happiness. Pearls are the oldest gemstones which depict class, sophistication, and elegance. Give this ring to your girlfriend to portray loyalty. You may also see Vintage Antique Engagement Ring Designs

Gold Vintage Engagement Rings

When considering metals for the band of your ring then gold will definitely rank among the top. Gold vintage engagement rings come in various colors like green, yellow, rose and white. Go for a gold color that will complement her skin tone. You may also see Vintage Style Engagement Rings

Gold Vintage Engagement Ring for men

gold vintage engagement ring for women

Vintage Platinum Engagement Rings

Most people prefer rings with the platinum material because they are pure and hypoallergenic which prevents any skin reactions. The durability of vintage platinum engagement rings means that you can make it your family heirloom.

Vintage Platinum Engagement Ring

vintage platinum engagement ring


Round Vintage Engagement Rings

The most popular shape for rings is a circle, so you will not go wrong by choosing round vintage engagement rings. These rings look good on any woman’s finger. Opt for high quality rings to ensure durability no matter her lifestyle choices. You may also see Vintage Princess Cut Engagement Ring Designs

Vintage Round Diamond Engagement Ring

vintage round diamond engagement ring

Sapphire Vintage Engagement Rings

If you want a nontraditional engagement ring, then choose those with sapphire as the center stone. The blue color of the gemstone will draw attention towards the hand making her finger to stand out. The hardness characteristic of this stone will ensure durability.

Vintage Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring

vintage sapphire and diamond engagement ring

Vintage Flower Engagement Rings

Does your girlfriend have vintage accessories in her jewelry box and does she frequently watch black and white movies? Then opting for vintage flower engagement rings might be a safe choice. The flower design will portray her femininity while the vintage style will show her personality.

Cute Vintage Flower Engagement Ring

cute vintage flower engagement ring

Pear Shaped Vintage Engagement Rings

Engagement rings from old eras are unique and that is what you get when you choose pear shaped vintage engagement rings. The tear drop shape camouflages any flaws enabling your ring to look glamorous at all times. They make a great alternative to round and oval engagement rings.

Ruby Vintage Engagement Rings

If you are considering gemstones with colors, then ruby vintage engagement rings will be perfect for her. The red hue will make it easier for the ring to make a bold statement. These rings symbolize passion, undying love and suit women who were born in July.

Beautiful Ruby Vintage Engagement Ring

beautiful ruby vintage engagement ring


Vintage Heart Engagement Rings

What better way to show romance and love than with vintage heart engagement rings. Depending on her style preference you can get this ring in a narrow or wide silhouette. Check for symmetry to ensure the two halves of the heart are proportional.

Vintage Square Engagement Rings

When choosing a vintage engagement ring, shape and cost are the main factors that you need to consider. Vintage square engagement rings will look elegant on any bride with big knuckles as they will draw attention towards the ring shape instead of the finger.

Vintage Gold Square Engagement Ring

vintage gold square engagement ring

Silver Vintage Engagement Rings

When considering affordability then go for silver vintage engagement rings. For durability choose sterling silver which mixes pure silver with other metals such as copper. You can get these rings in a shiny or matte finish.

Three Stone Vintage Silver Engagement Ring

three stone vintage silver engagement ring

Your wife to be will be excited to marry you because wearing vintage engagement rings is about being part of a romantic story. While working with a budget, get a ring that fits her lifestyle. It should also resonate with her style, be appealing to the eyes and flatter her fingers.

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