Don’t you think that vintage and designer jewelry are the two main buzzwords that comes to everyone’s mind while speaking of engagement or wedding? Well, we would strongly suggest that the resurgence of vintage fashion has been the talk of the town and it is for all its classic and timeless façade. They have the magical ability to make people fall in love over again.

Awesome Vintage Inspired Ring

awesome vintage inspired ring


Emerald Green Stone Vintage Ring

emerald green stone ring


Well, if you are proposing to your girl friend, there could be no other better gift than getting her a beautiful vintage elegant engagement ring. That ring will hold a lot of value throughout her life and will make her feel special every time she looks at it.
Designer rings come in a variety of types that you can choose from for your to-be-fiancé. Floral accents, colorful diamonds, square bands, mixed metal halos, accent stones in different colors, three stone rings are few examples of the trending ring type that are special in the market.

Pink Diamond Wedding Ring

pink diamond ring1


Green Diamond Vintage Ring Design

green diamond ring


Pink and White Diamond Rings

pink and white diamond ring


Diamond and Three Pearl Mix Ring

diamond and pearl mix ring


Diamond Flower Shape Vintage Ring

diamond flower shape vintage ring


Heart Shape Diamond Ring For Engagement

heart shape diamond


Green Zircon Vintage Ring

green zircon vintage ring


Bony Levy Diamond Ring

bony levy diamond ring

Victorians Brown Ring Design

victorians brown ring

Matching Band Diamond Ring

matching band diamond ring

Vintage Jewellary Rose Gold with White Diamond

vintage jewellary with white diamond

Diamond Highlighted Ring

diamond highlighted ring

Pear Shaped Engagement Ring Design

pear shaped engagement ring

Blue Diamond Vintage Ring

blue diamond vintage ring


Brown Halo Rose Gold Ring

brown halo ring

Flower Shaped Vintage Rings

flower shaped vintage rings


Oval Shaped Diamond Ring

oval shaped diamond ring


Complete Flower Design Ring

complete flower design ring


Sapphire Ring For Wedding

sapphire ring2


If you want to go a step ahead and think out of the box, the above types are few of its kind and your to-be-bride is going to love you even more when you flash that sparkly thing at her! It’s all worth the beauty, right?

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