Nothing tops off a perfect Valentine’s Day proposal like a sweet heart-shaped engagement ring. Diamond engagement ring is by far best option, but in case you are more on the low budget then heart shaped ring will do the job. Platinum rings are for upper class, but gold and silver is more for us mortal souls. Gold and silver will unbeatably remain the evergreen option. Here are Engagement Ring Designs you should consider.

Heart Shaped Engagement Ring

heart shaped engagement rings


Small gemstones made of high quality quartz in shape of a heart will knock down your fiancé or future bride. There is nothing better than shiny little object aligned in the ultimate shape of love. Who can say no?

Silver Heart Shaped Ring

silver heart shaped ring

Made of sterling silver, this is an Agate heart shaped ring, it is beautiful at first sight and draws a lot of attention. It will make your lady smile from ear to ear. We love this anniversary gift and we hope you do, too. For wife, sister of girlfriend, whatever pleases your heart, this asymmetrical design makes things perfect every time.

White Gold Heart Shaped Ring

white gold heart shaped rings

Natural morganite incorporated in this pink diamond engagement ring is made of solid 14k white gold. A pink gemstone is there to enhance love design and stacking matching band is a real hit. This is also suitable for a lady going to a cocktail party with high officials. People will notice you definitely.

Aquamarine Heart Shaped Ring

aquamarine heart shaped rings


This is a brilliant piece of craftsmanship. Aquamarine cut is immaculate. Heart shaped rings are fashion forever and will be nice to eye after 20 years as well. We love this blue spark, when you look at it at right angle. This is best option for older ladies.

Antique Heart Shaped Ring

antique heart shaped ring

This ring is designed to look antique. Vintage sterling silver handmade ring is made of Mexico 925 silver, made hollow on purpose to decrease weight, but also price. Heart shaped in half spiral inspired with Fibonacci curve. This means only two things to us, precision and beauty.

Heart Shaped Halo Ring

heart shaped halo ring

This kind of ring is not possible to find at wholesale or anywhere on the market just like that. If you want it, you will have to order it. This is very hard to make, there are many details designer have to pay attention. We just simply love it for it brilliant glimmering and energy that reflect the good mood.

Turquoise Heart Shaped Ring

turquoise heart shaped ring


Turquoise heart is bulls’ eye this summer. This is the main thing in fashion. If you ask us, it will never go away or fade out. A ring is made of sterling silver, representing the exotic nature of its proud owner. Unusual color just makes this statement a bold one, as genuine turquoise remains one of Earth’s the most rarest findings. You may also see Square Shape Diamond Rings

Rose Gold Heart Shape Ring

rose gold heart shape ring


Handmade Heart Shape Ring

handmade heart shape ring


Beautiful Diamond Ring Design

beautiful diamond ring design


Vintage Style Topaz Ring

vintage style topaz ring


Unique Heart Shaped Ring

unique heart shaped ring


Double Heart Shaped Ring

double heart shaped ring

Cute Heart Shape Wedding Band

cute heart shape wedding band

Pink Gemstone Ring Design

pink gemstone ring design

Gorgeous Heart Shaped Ring Design

gorgeous heart shaped ring design

Diamond Engagement Ring Designs are something really special. Not by occasion only, but for the sake of person you love and cherish so much. You can’t be wrong with turquoise designs fashioned in the shape of a heart. When something is in the shape of heart, everything is OK. Just be careful what outfit you wear.

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