Rings are ornaments that are worn on your fingers as a piece of adornment. They are an add on to your overall outfit and makes it look better and sometimes even stand out. Statement jewelry is a very loud form of jewelry. Not everyone is confident enough to pull these off. After looking at these 20 beautiful rings you are definitely going to want to have one.

Large Statement Ring Design

large statement ring design


This is a large statement ring with a big flower and butterflies. This is a very pretty ring that is very colorful and bright. It is perfect for a casual occasion like brunch for instance. It might look big but it certainly does look stunning.

Statement Ring for Men

statement ring for men


Well, why do only women get a say when it comes to fashion. We have beautiful designs for men as well. This round cut ring is very macho looking and will look very appealing. The color of the stone is very different and will stand out for sure. It is not only the colour but the design on it is also unique.

Vintage Statement Ring Model

vintage statement ring model


This diamond cut ring has a very rustic and vintage look to it. The color combinations of the ring and the band blend in perfectly and together come together to make the perfect statement rings.

Statement Amethyst Ring

statement amethyst ring

This gorgeous round cut engagement ring looks so beautiful that it will grab attention for sure. This is a combination beauty and elegance. Wear this for any occasion and you are definitely going to stand out and look classy.

Statement Cocktail Ring Design

statement cocktail ring design


This statement ring design is unique in its own way. There is so much intricate work done on it and looks very chic and upbeat. The rustic look gives away a very elegant feeling to it. The uncut diamonds used make it only look classier.

Crystal Statement Ring Design Idea

crystal statement ring design idea


This is a perfect representation of an antique ring. The stones used and the round cut ring looks so posh and in vogue. The crystals are only making the ring look perfect in every possible way.

This again is an antique ring with a round cut emerald green stone. This statement ring looks very sharp. The ring is finely done and gives out a very classy feel overall. The stone on it also antique and intricate work on the bands enhances the ring in a better manner.

Emerald Green Statement Ring

emerald green statement ring


This beautiful emerald engagement ring looks very fashionable. The band is made to look extremely elegant and overall this is a wonderful design with a lot of work on it. This is a very antique ring that is made to look very modern.

This kind of ring is absolutely glorious to look at. You will dazzle with this beautiful ring on your hand. It is visually appealing and very ravishing. It gives out an exquisite feeling. We love this ring and it hits as our favourite.

Statement Ring For Engagement

statement ring for engagement


With the wedding season around the corner, this one will fit the bracket for a perfect antique engagement ring. The diamond cut ring has a lot of convoluted work done on it that makes it look very classy. We love the gold colour given to it.

Sterling Silver Statement Ring

sterling silver statement ring


Handmade Flower Shape Ring

handmade flower shape ring


Simple Gem Stone Ring Design

simple gem stone ring design


White Wood Statement Ring

white wood statement ring


Modern Spiral Ring Idea

modern spiral ring idea


Beautiful Statement Ring for Women

beautiful statement ring for women


Awesome Cocktail Ring Design

awesome cocktail ring design


Silver Ring with Pink Stones

silver ring with pink stones


Well, statement rings might be loud but they are in fashion right now and we spot so many lovely women carrying it off so well. You can go through these and choose the one you love. Trust us, you are going to look gorgeous.

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