Some says diamonds are forever. But you know what’s really forever? Tattoos. These are few things in life as permanent and worth of getting some inked. This is the reason why couples now days are choosing to commemorate their engagements and weddings with matching and complementary tattoos. A ring tattoo design can also be the perfect way to show your love for that special person in your life. The wedding rings tattoos come with many advantages.

Half Moon Finger Ring Tattoo

half moon finger ring tattoo


Unlike a ring, you won’t have to worry about accidentally losing it or flushing it in the toilet, you can customize the way you want, and of course it will be marked with you for the lifetime. And the best part about this tattoo design is that you are totally in control of it. They can be either bold or minimalistic as you’d like. You can also customize these tattoos, making a one-of-a-kind statement that’s bonds to each other speaking more than a piece of jewellery can. I shall also mention here that it is not necessary only for couple to ink such tattoos. Men and women, from any walk and phase of their life can bear a ring tattoo. Ring design tattoos look much prettier and elegant when done in a smaller size.


If you want to wear a tattoo with the name of your loved ones, then go for this design.

Word Tattoo on Finger

word tattoo on finger


Lettering Ring Tattoo Art

lettering ring tattoo art


Flower Rings

Consider a flower ring tattoo design with the ring tattoo connected with a stem or vine. This dramatic and enticing tattoo is sure to get lots of lingering glances

Lotus Flower Ring Tattoo

lotus flower ring tattoo

Tribal ring design

Tribal Ring Finger Tattoo Design

tribal tattoo design


Vine Ring tattoo

For a more delicate design; incorporate a thin vine to your ring tattoo. You can even add tiny flowers to intricate detail.

Small Engagement Ring Tattoo

small engagement ring tattoo


Realistic Tattoo Of Ring

realistic tattoo of ring


Unique Thumb Finger Ring Design

unique thumb finger ring design


Heart Beat Tattoo For Girls

heart beat tattoo for girls


Celtic Wedding Band Ring Design

celtic wedding band ring design


Diamond Tattoo On Finger

diamond tattoo on finger


Pair Skeleton Art of Tattoo

pair skeleton art of tattoo


Bow Tattoo Art For Girls

bow tattoo art for girls


Sun and Moon Ring Finger Tattoo

sun and moon ring finger tattoo


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