Eye blow makeup tattoo is a fancy design for people who do not want to be doing their eye blows every morning. Unlike in the past when the eye blow tattoo consisted of a thin line on the eye blows today the eye blow makeup tattoo is embedded to look almost similar to the natural eyebrow. Michelle Obama has a tattooed eye blow.

 Makeup Hand Tattoo

makeup hand tattoo


Lipstick with Heart Tattoo

lipstick with heart tattoo


The eyeliner makeup tattoo is a permanent coloring of the eyeliner. It is a good way to avoid applying make-ups every day. An eyeliner makeup tattoo helps you to live your life hassle free. You just wake up, take a shower and go wherever you want to go without bothering about makeups.

Lips sticks look good when done collect. It takes a lot of time every morning to put on lipstick every morning and to avoid all that hustle a lip liner makeup tattoo is a good permanent replacement of the lipstick.

 Girl Lipstick Tattoo

girl lipstick tattoo


Heart Diamond Sleeve Tattoo

heart diamond sleeve tattoo


Cute Makeup Tattoo

cute makeup tattoos design


The nails make-up design tattoo comes in handy for those who like their nails to be good looking without applying polish every day. In most cases, Henna is used to dye the nails. Usually henna wears off as the nail grows but it last for a considerable amount of time.

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