Fish makeup is a growing trend. The concept of creating scales and luminescent duo-chromed effects has inspired many to recreate the look for parties during Halloween. Most times, creating a scale makeup is easier than it might look, especially when you have the appropriate tools for it. In case you are trying to find an alternative for this year’s Halloween, keep on reading for our collection of fish makeup looks we have for you. You may also See Cool Make Up Designs

Rainbow Fish Makeup

rainbow fish makeup


Apart from the metallic eye shadows, you can use sequins in order to recreate a fish makeup look. The blue metallic color along with the silver, create a rainbow look for parties and Halloween photo shoots.

Clown Fish Makeup Design

clown fish makeup design


Use colors inspired by the creatures of the ocean. Many species have multiple colors that can give you amazing ideas like this yellow and teal one. You can use a wig in the same color scheme to complete the look.

Like this makeup look, you can use a certain color pallet and create stunning looks for Halloween. This blue jelly fish can be recreated in red or pink colors with the same amazing results.

Fantasy Fish Makeup

fantasy fish makeup


This is a creative look that incorporates blue, purple and hot pink colors. The design of the fins on the cheeks adds an exotic style to this exceptional makeup look making it appropriate for photo shoots and parties.

Fish Makeup for Kids

fish makeup for kids


Inspired by Little Mermaid’s best friend, this makeup look is suitable for kids. The yellow and blue design is easy to recreate without requiring any particular skills. You can be creative and add more details on it.

During Halloween you can create crazy makeup without having to worry about anything. You can use eye shadows or pencils with both metallic and matte pigment in order to achieve a similar fun and crazy look.

Halloween Fish Makeup

halloween fish makeup


To recreate the scales you will need a fishnet shock that you will wear on your head and dab eye shadow on top. You can create different patterns on your eyes or cheeks for a fabulous eye-catching result.

Fish Scale Makeup Idea

fish scale makeup idea


For a more complete look you can use fishnet shocks all the way down to your collarbone. You can use different colors and glitters in order to add emphasis on a specific part of your makeup look.

Angler Fish Makeup

angler fish makeup


This is for those that have the skills to do it. The angler fish has a large mouth that can be recreated if you bring it down to the base of your neck for a scary but realistic look.

Fish Makeup for Men

fish makeup for men


Easy Fish Makeup Idea

easy fish makeup idea


Simple Fish Makeup Design

simple fish makeup design


Fish Eye Makeup

fish eye makeup


Scary Fish Makeup Idea

scary fish makeup idea


Creepy Fish Makeup

creepy fish makeup


Create these looks for amazing fantasy makeup. All you need is a creative spirit and inspiration to guide you through the steps. We hope that with this post we gave you some useful ideas to use for the upcoming Halloween and that you will feel free to try them all out.

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