We agree that bold fuller brows with a winged and smoky liner is a look that is currently everywhere. And we also accept that crazy runway looks with stenciled eye and glued face masks can be too unrealistic to try unless of course, you are trying to mimic the pop icon Lady gaga.

But if you are willing to try some crazy makeup design, we are enlisting the 20 best designs to serve you the best and even crazy inspiration.Even if you are not going to wear it daily you still will have some inspiration for the upcoming Halloween month.

Christina Aguilera with Colorful Makeup

christina aguilera with colorful makeup

Christina Aguilera colorful makeup is somewhat midway between edgy and neutral. The look can be tried with solid plain outfits. If you love purple and soft blue try pairing them together for giving a colorful contrast to your complete makeup. Keep the rest of the makeup to a minimum for a more wearable look.

Nicki Minaj with Pink Makeup Idea

nicki minaj with pink makeup idea

If your hand reaches for shimmer before matte, go for a striking glitter Nicky Minaj look. Add the bold shimmer to the top eyelid and keep the rest of the makeup very subtle to really make your eyes pop with nothing but glitter.

Tyra Banks Crazy Eye Makeup

tyra banks crazy eye makeup

For a very edgy style try the Tyra Banks look with heavily smudged black shadow. If you think you can pull it off then this crazy makeup design is worth a try.

Kesha Green Makeup Design

kesha green makeup design

Brows frame your face, they change your face and what better example to state that than our Kesha. With green hair and vertically combed and lightened brows the look definitely comes out to be unusually edgy.

Lady Gaga Butterfly Face Makeover

lady gaga butterfly face makeover

Talk about crazy makeup and Lady Gaga’s name will definitely strike your mind. If you are looking for a grunge makeup look, try and include a perfect winged on top and thin extended wing below. Start this extended wing from the edge of your nose to the length of your eyebrow.

Beth Ditto Black Eye Makeup Design

beth ditto black eye makeup design

Edgy and experimentative go well with our singer-songwriter Beth Ditto. Try the crazy bold eye with angled edge that leads up to the length of your temples. With close to no appearance of eyebrows this look can be a worth a try for your next Halloween character.

Kelly Osbourne Halloween Makeup

kelly osbourne halloween makeup

Kelly Osbourne Halloween Makeup look is easy and requires minimal assistance and can be tried on yourself in a short amount of time. Paint the circle around your eyes and tip of your nose in solid black. Later, add the extra elements as per your personal preference.

Taylor Momsen Fun Makeup Idea

taylor momsen fun makeup idea

For one of the easiest to carry crazy makeup design try the Momsen look. Apply a heavy black shadow to the top as well as the bottom and you are set. Keep the rest of the makeup to a bare minimum for keeping the look strong as well as subtle.

Avril Lavigne Cat Eye Makeup

avril lavigne cat eye makeup1

The classic Avril’s cat-eye is another look to try for your next evening outing. Smoke out the ends and add the touch of mascara to make the look of your eyes pop out.

Katy Perry Cute Colorful Makeup

katy perry cute colorful makeup

Katy Perry is known for her eccentric makeup and this picture reinstates the belief. Color pink goes perfectly with her light skin tone. The combination of golden liner on the lower lid of the eyes and dark black on the upper lids brings out the true essence of this makeup style.

Oil Paint Makeup Idea

oil paint makeup idea


Beautiful Peacock Makeup Idea

beautiful peacock makeup idea


Amazing Butterfly Wings Makeup

amazing butterfly wings makeup


Black and White Half Face Makeup

black and white half face makeup


Scary Makeup for Men

scary makeup for men


Crazy Summer Makeup Idea

crazy summer makeup idea


Creative Makeup Design Idea

creative makeup design idea


No matter how crazy they look, but if you are a makeup lover, you would know the joy of testing your hand with numerous designs. Modify the style as per your personal choice for making the look more wearable and smooth.

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