A while ago, this may have seemed crazy but with the influx of material in the fantasy fiction world, no one seems to care anymore. Love for their favourites has got people demonstrating it in different ways – from fanfiction, heated Reddit discussions that destroy friendships, obsessing over the newest chapter or show on an alarming level, to naming their children after characters (can I hear from about 300 Khaleesies in the US itself?) and cosplaying them to an art.

Butterflies are supposed to be magical and sources of great positivity. This beautiful butterfly fantasy butterfly eye makeup represents that idea with lots of colour and glitter – including some lovely prop butterflies!

Red and Black Fantasy Eye Makeup

red and black fantasy eye makeup


This red and black fantasy eye makeup is super flexible –you can name it anything you like, an evil Queen, a demon or any other villain from your favourite story. Add that red lipstick for a bit of glamourous pop.

Fantasy Mermaid Makeup

fantasy mermaid makeup


Mermaid makeup while artistically beautiful, is notoriously difficult to dab on. It’s always best to start out with a few inspired looks before proceeding to create one on your own. This fantasy mermaid makeup look uses a lot of paint, so be sure to cleanse and moisturize your face.

Fantasy Eye and Lip Makeup

fantasy eye and lip makeup


The eyes are, as clichéd as it sounds, are the windows to the soul. It makes sense to highlight them therefore. There’s loads of themes out to there that put regular eyeliner and mascara to shame. Check out this delicate theme, reminiscent of a bird flying in a wide blue sky. 

Colorful Fantasy Eye Makeup

colorful fantasy eye makeup


Or if you prefer something more vibrant and eye-catching, here’s some colourful eye makeup. The purple lipstick only adds intrigue to the theme.

Fantasy Masquerade Makeup

fantasy masquerade makeup


The next ocean-themed one needs as much detail in the costume.

Don’t forget the ones that stood quietly by the heroes on all the adventures while giving them sound advice – the oracles, the prophets, healers, scribes, and other magical mentors. Here’s some magnificent fantasy magical makeup of the zodiac Pisces, the fish who is also known for its wise, sensitive and loving nature.

Fantasy Deer Makeup

fantasy deer makeup


Halloween never ends with becoming a teenager. It’s okay to admit this: you love dressing up. And the characters you adored visiting in your head and reading about – faeries, sprites, mermaids, trolls, witches – they all become real in that one second. Check out this enchanting cross between a deer and a faerie.

And finally, the phoenix rising from the ashes – a strong magical symbol that’d be recognized amongst all fantasy circles, but most particularly in the Harry Potter world. Here’s an example of how the legendary bird can be translated into makeup.

Easy Fantasy Makeup

easy fantasy makeup


Colourful streaks in the hair are a delightful addition. Now you may think that it’s a bit weird, wandering around the streets with so much paint on, it’s no wonder you are called a freak. Don’t worry though. Celebrities have long since experimented with the wonders of makeup and costume – the most famous being David Bowie aka Ziggy Stardust aka Aladdin Sane (rest in peace), to Madonna, Michael Jackson and most recently, candy-girl Katy Perry and Mother Monster Lady Gaga.

Angelina Jolie Evil Fairy Makeup

angelina jolie evil fairy makeup

Lady Gaga Peacock Eye Makeup

lady gaga peacock eye makeup

Katy Perry Fantasy Face Makeup

fantasy face makeup designs

Jennifer Lawrence Fantasy Makeup

jennifer lawrence fantasy makeup

Lady Gaga Fantasy Makeover

lady gaga fantasy makeover

Kesha Smokey Eye Mask Look

kesha smokey eye mask makeup

Natalie Portman Black Swan Makeup

natalie portman black swan makeup

Creative Face Painting Idea

creative face painitng idea


Evil Fantasy Face Makeover

evil fantasy face makeover


Halloween Face Painting Look

halloween face painting look


So those are the makeup ideas we’ve all desperately needed to bring forth our inner magical beings! With Game of Thrones wrapping up its sixth season, Harry Potter coming out as a play in its next instalment and more Rick Riordan novels on their way, it’s time to dab on some magical paint and live out your fantasy!

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