During a stage performance, it is very important to wear makeup. Under the stage lights if you are showcasing any facial expressions it is very difficult for people to see your facial expressions. Stage makeup is always necessary whether it is a theatre performance or a dance completion.

The regular party going makeups are way different from the stage performance makeup as more priority is given to facial expressions.

Ballet Stage Makeup Design

ballet stage makeup design


The make up for the ballet depends on what you are performing. There are certain makeup strategies which are followed while you do a ballet makeup.

Character Stage Makeup

character stage makeup


When you are performing a character, the makeup has to exhibit your character. By just looking at the image it is well understood that the character represents a Dracula. Always try to cover the pores in the face as it spoils the makeup if it is visible.

Stage Dance Makeup Idea

stage dance makeup idea


Stage dance makeup should be bright as you will look beautiful. Apply a powder base and liquid base of the same colour and same shades. White eye shadow can be used under the brow bone and apply gold shadow for the eyelids. Use a dark shade lipstick and brighten the eye with a thick liner.

Fantasy Stage Makeup

fantasy stage makeup


This is a colorful and elegant fantasy stage makeup. You can use any shades for your eyes, brows, lips and for the face. The lips are matched with the flower crown and brows are matched with the hair ribbons. A light base liquid and powder are applied first. To look attractive gold and copper colour is used with the multi colours.

Stage Makeup For Men

stage makeup for men


Always start the makeup with a clean shaved face. Use concealer to hide the dark circles, suntan and dark spots on the face. The texture should always go hand in hand like how the black and red is compatible.

Stage Eye Makeup Design

stage eye makeup design


Your eyes are the one which rules your face. Hide your dark circles with the help of concealer and base powder.

Black and White Stage Makeup

black and white stage makeup


The eye makeup should be bright and thick. People sitting in the last row in the crowd can also see your expressions if your eye makeup is perfectly done. He is depicting a spooky character for the Adams family show. A smoky makeup is done around the eye to give a kooky effect. Thicken the brows more and darken it.

Animal Stage Makeup Design

animal stage makeup design


If you perform very often in plays and shows there are chances that sometimes you need to play a role of an animal. The cat makeup is done amazingly as it depicts a real cheetah. The mouth portion is whitened and whiskers are drawn. The eye portion is also whitened and the liner is used to thicken the lower lid of the eye.

Fairy makeups are always the best. There is wide range of colors which can be used but always choose which goes well with the costume you wear. High lighten under your eye with some flashy sparkles.

The zombie makeup should be given a little effort as it has to give out a scary look. A vampire with two long teeth and blood flowing out through the mouth looks spooky. A smoky black color for the eyes is used to give a scary look. The brows are more thickened and made lengthier with the help of pencils.

Colorful Stage Makeup

colorful stage makeup


Runway Stage Makeup

runway stage makeup


Silver Eye Stage Makeup

silver eye stage makeup


Traditional Stage Makeup

traditional stage makeup


Stage Makeup for Kids

stage makeup for kids


Easy Stage Makeup Idea

easy stage makeup idea


Blue Eye Stage Makeup

blue eye stage makeup


Eye makeup must be given more prominence as people are eager to see the facial expressions and the movements. Always use the suitable shades for the eye and lips as more expressions are showcased through eyes and lips. These amazing tips for different makeup can help you a lot during your stage performances.

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