Whether you’re opting for a creepy or cute effect, scale makeup is ideal for recreating Halloween characters for kids. When it comes to adults, fantasy makeup ideas are perfect for achieving a dramatic effect in theatrical displays; all you need is some paint, eyeliner, eye shadow, concealer, and foundation.

So whether it’s for Halloween, glamor photographs, party or role playing in a theater, there is definitely a scale make up design that can bring out that dramatic effect.

When it comes to fantasy makeup, a fishnet wig cap is a perfect tool for creating a fishnet scale makeup for kids. Use a blue, green and silver cream shadow to create the scales; then use a metallic teal eyeliner and synthetic crease brush to create a dramatic blue eye shadow effect.

Snake Pattern Scale Makeup

snake pattern scale makeup


Face and body paints are perfect for recreating a snake pattern on the face and body. The color of paint will depend on your snake color while for the pattern use a fishnet stocking. You can add a cat eye design using black eyeliner to create a contrasting color effect.

Dragon Scale Makeup

dragon scale makeup


Apply highlight and shade the ends of the scales to give your design a dragon look. For a Halloween, effect, match the eyeshadow with the color of scales and go for a bold lipstick or lip-gloss. You may also see Halloween Makeup Designs

Mermaid Scale Makeup

mermaid scale makeup


Foundation and concealer are perfect for creating a flawless base on which to apply fantasy makeup for Halloween or photo shoot. For a mermaid scale makeup, go for a color paint that contrasts with your skin tone and use your fingers to dab the paint along the hairlines.

Unique Dragon Scale Makeup

dramatic scale makeup


Stretch your fishnet in areas you want the scales to cover and apply your favorite color. You can also use eye shadow to block out certain areas so that the paint can spread and leave some space. Opt for a bold colored contact lenses to complete the dragon look.

Glitter makeup portrays that feminine look that is important in role playing. Opt for colored glitter eye shadow or add glitter embellishments under the eyes to create that different but beautiful princess look.

Fish Scale Makeup look

fish scale makeup look


Fishnet stockings or wigs are the most affordable way of getting your makeup to look like fish scales. If you want large scales, then stretch the fishnet to create large holes and add silver paint to give the fish scales a vintage look.

Whether you apply scale cosplay makeup on the face only or all over the body, the design is perfect for a special photo shoot. Use bold colors especially on the eyes and opt for makeup that contrasts with your skin tone.

Green and Blue Scales Makeup

green and blue scales makeup


Bright color schemes such as green and blue are great for portraying funny makeup designs. Line your eyelids and eyebrows with a dark eye pencil and go for a black lipstick to complete the look. This fantasy makeup is perfect for going to clubs or for special shoots.

Scale Eye Makeup Design

scale eye makeup design


Zombie makeup designs are perfect for recreating a creepy look. To make a scary look then opt for winged false eyelashes while for a cute look, one coat of mascara on the lashes will do the trick.

Beautiful Scale Makeup Idea

beautiful scale makeup idea


Cool Scale Makeup Design

cool scale makeup for men


Scales Face Paint Makeover

scales face paint makeover


Scary Scale Makeup Design

scary scales makeup design


When it comes to scale makeup, designs go bold and creative. From dramatic eye makes to exotic color schemes, there is a wide variety of ideas you can use. While the pattern may look complicated, creative makeup art design is all about using available materials to replicate a fairy zombie or a dragon easily.

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