One of the most popular eye shadow designs is the common Smokey eyes. Smokey eye designs are usually in black and brown, though you can do them in any color you wish. The main concept of the smoky eye is to choose a medium and dark shade of a specific color then choose a highlight shade closest to your skin tone.

Matte Eyeshadow

matte eyeshadow


Dark Blue Eyeshadow

dark blue eye shadow


Perfect 1Min Smokey Eye

perfect 1min smokey eye

The pin-up eyeshadow design uses matte shadows. Make sure to skip any palette with shimmer. The eye shadow design for this look is quite simple as the pin-up look lies in the cat eyeliner and bold red lips. The shadow is merely there to provide the finishing, smooth backdrop for the eyeliner.

Smokey Eyeshadow for Wedding

smokey eye shadow for wedding


Neutral Smokey Eye for Prom

neutral smokey eye for prom


Chained Eye

chained eye


Green Eyes Shadow

green eyes shadow


Rainbow Eyeshadow

rainbow eyeshadow


Gothic Eye Makeup

gothic eye makeup


Glitter Eye

glitter eye


Cool Eyes with Palette Eyeshadow

cool eyes with palette eye shadow


Grayish & Brown Eyeshadow

grayish brown eye shadow

Ferocious Layered Cat Eye Look

ferocious layered cat eye look


Veluxe Pearl Eyeshadow Look

veluxe pearl eyeshadow look


Eyeshadow Look With Satin Pigments

eyeshadow look with satin pigments


Eyeshadow makeup designs is merely used to correct your eye shape by make your eyes appear closer together, or make your eyes look further apart. If you don’t have a crease, you can also create an illusion of having one with proper eyeshadow.

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