The eye makeup trend has innumerable varieties. Few of the selections are used for regular purposes whereas other makeup styles are used for occasional and special purposes. One of such eye makeup trend is the fantasy eye makeup. Fantasy makeup requires much more creative tactic than any conventional face makeup. Fantasy eye makeup trend is used for embellishing the beauty of the eyes. From an easy day look, to intense looks for night, rest guaranteed there is something here for each one.

Fantasy Eye Makeup

Fantasy Eye Makeup Source

This is an interesting fantasy eye makeup and if you are going for a fantasy or an exotic statement try applying this purple eyeshadow. Remember to use high-quality makeup with dense pigmentation. Since it is more intense and has less filler, it will last longer on your eyes.

Fantasy Magical Eye Makeup Design

Fantasy Magical Eye Makeup Design Source

Looking for a super glamorous makeup look? This look is what you need! Select a dark liner to upper cover and a creamy liner for the lower lid. Smudge for the deeper effect. Do not join lines or your eyes shall appear smaller.

Beautiful Fantasy Eye Makeup

Beautiful Fantasy Eye Makeup Source

This outstanding look is best for adding some color to your look without creating too . The purple color makes it an ideal colorful look for fall. Great for a night out!

Gray Eye Makeup

Grey Eye Makeup Source

For a stylish fall color, opt for gray eyeshadow. It sounds funny, but gray eyeshadow will set your eyes furious and stunning. This is a simple winged eyeliner look that compliments the complicated but interesting hairdo.

Cool Shimmer Eye Makeup

Cool Shimmer Eye Makeup Source

If you want to try a bold metallic, cool shimmer shades will balance the cool tones in your eyes. For this look the most highly pigmented colors of black, shimmer, and glitter shadows, are best to add a little variety to your usual makeup routine. You could also add some pink nude color lipstick to complete the look above.

Black Eye Palette Makeup

Black Eye Palette Makeup Source

Black eye makeup is eternal, sultry and sexy, this smoky look has the seamless amount of shimmer and is perfect for anytime you wish to leave a long-lasting impression. Apply your darkest eyeshadow to the outside corner. Use a black eyeliner pencil to carefully line your top lashes and finish the look with a black mascara.

Black Eye Palette Makeup

Orange Eye Shadow Source

Orange is such a relaxed color to wear and looks amazing on all skin types. This look works best with the eyes as the focal point the orange look is perfect for making those wonderful eyes pop. Try it out!

Bronze Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes

Bronze Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes Source

If you are looking for a way to make your blue eyes pop, bronze is the right thing for you. This look is quite simple, just place the gold color on the inner and outer corner of your eyes. This timeless look is perfect for when you wish to add some Hollywood style to your fashion.

Gold Fantasy Eye Shadow Makeup

Gold Fantasy Eye Shadow Makeup Source

This striking look uses shades that compliment the color of your hair, giving you a stunning look. To create and describe the depth of the eyes, use the lowest shade on the outer corner of the eyelid with an eye crease brush. Mix the golden color properly to the base shade

Pink Fantasy Eye Makeup

Pink Fantasy Eye Makeup Source

For those ladies who believe pink eye makeup is boring, well they must not have experimented enough, pink is a shade which gives the sexy and attractive look to our eyes. This modest look is made promptly by adding a swipe of pink and black eyeshadow with black eyeliner.

Cool Eye Shadow Makeup

Cool Eye Shadow Makeup Source

Fantasy Mermaid Makeup

Fantasy Mermaid Makeup Source

Butterfly Makeup for Cute Girl

Butterfly Makeup for Cute Girl Source

Colorful Fantasy Face Makeup

Colorful Fantasy Face Makeup Source

Fantasy Pink Makeup

Fantasy Pink Makeup Source

Scary Fantasy Eye Makeup

Scary Fantasy Eye Makeup Source

Beautiful Flowers Makeup

Beautiful Flowers Makeup Source

Blue Fantasy Makeup

Blue Fantasy Makeup Source

Fantasy Funky Makeup Idea

Fantasy Funky Makeup Idea Source

Plum Fantasy Eye Makeup

Plum Fantasy Eye Makeup Source

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