Deer Antlers have always been a popular showpiece from ancient times. It has now made its way to the world of tattoos, and thanks to many depictions of the Deer Antlers in fantasy books and films, the tattoo designs are on their way back, just in a slightly less harmful way.

Deer Antler Heart Tattoo

deer antler heart tattoo


This tattoo is quite creative and involves one-half of an antler conjoined to a fish hook, which together make it look like a heart. The antlers need to curve inwards for the shape of the heart to be complete.

Bow and Arrow Antler Tattoo

bow and arrow antler tattoo


Let your imagination run wild, using the front of the bow to depict the antlers. The different phases of the moon can also be added around the antlers to give it more depth.

Antler and Flower Tattoo Design

antler and flower tattoo design


A traditional tattoo of deer antlers could look mundane. Put in a flower, a couple of birds and a nest, and it looks like a lot is going on. This is a color tattoo, with the birds and the flower painted bright colors. It makes for an excellent cover-up tattoo.

Deer Antler Tattoo on Back Neck

deer antler tattoo on back neck


This tattoo is a bit sophisticated. It involves an abstract depiction of a heart, with roses fitted int to the heart, and protected by the deer antlers. This is quite a simple tattoo and is black and white, however getting the abstract part right is the main challenge.

Black and Grey Antler Tattoo

black and grey antler tattoo


The chest has always been an interesting place for a tattoo as it is one of the most painful when getting inked. This is similar to the fish hook and antlers that join together to make a heart. It is quite challenging for the tattoo artist and the person getting the tattoo.

Deer Tattoo Design on Chest

deer tattoo design on chest


An antler tattoo shaped like a deer and placed aptly around the shoulder area. The antlers have been engraved with elaborate designs that look like hieroglyphics. It needs a lot of detailed line work and could take a while to complete, with some skill.

Black Antler Designed Tattoo

black antler designed tattoo


Rose with Deer Antler Tattoo

rose with deer antler tattoo


Shoulder Antler Tattoo for Men

shoulder antler tattoo for men


Small Deer Antler Tattoo

small deer antler tattoo


Red Rose with Antler Tattoo

red rose with antler tattoo


Unique Side Tattoo for Men

unique side tattoo for men


Simple Deer Antler Tattoo on Leg

simple deer antler tattoo on leg


Lady Head Tattoo for Men

lady head tattoo for men


Gold Color Single Antler Tattoo

gold color single antler tattoo


We love the way each of these tattoos are designed and we would definitely ask you to consider them if you are looking for something on these lines.

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