Want super cool nail art? Well, it would be completely true to say that every girl is an artist. Ensuring that every inch of her looks is perfect. A lot of time, effort and creativity that girls put into preparing themselves. Be it donning up for a party or spending time with themselves in a lazy weekend, nail art can be an engaging thing. The best thing is that there’s no limit to experimenting! Here are 21 vintage nail art ideas that we have picked up and hope you like!

Black Vintage Nails with Silver Glitter

black vintage nails with silver glitter


As we said, there is so much we can do when it comes to nail art. You can try out this black and white Swarovski design in a variety of patterns and ensemble it with several types of jewel stickers and silver glitter. The unique thing about the Swarovski and glitter combination is that it would hold out in any kind of environment.

Red Nail Design with Rhinestone

red nail design with rhinestones


Red is a decisive color and used as nail art color. Simple red nail Designs are the most gorgeous thing that a girl can wear. However, we should also go out and experiment sometimes! Try these unique rhinestone art stickers depending upon the shape and length of your nail.

Rose Flowers Nail Art Idea

rose flowers nail art idea


Roses go perfectly with women fashion and they can be everywhere. Be it a red rose on the braid of your bun or a cute red rose design on your nails, it looks cute and fun. Mismatch design on every finger nail and you would be up for admiration! Try these the next weekend.

Vintage Gel Nail Design Idea

vintage gel nail design idea


Beauty lies in simplicity. This example rightly shows what a simple combination of royal blue and milky white can do! While alternating nails are painted in solid blue, a couple of them can be livened up with white base and a blue floral work. If there’s an artist within you, try this!

Red Floral Nail Art Design

red floral nail art design


Well, it doesn’t always need contrasting colors to liven up things. A red and nude pink combination can work out gorgeously too. While you apply solid reds to all your fingernails, a subdued floral sticker like this can look cute.

White and Pink Floral Nails

white and pink floral nails


This design speaks loudly of your plans for a summer vacation! The white and pink floral pattern looks very elegant and can suit any casual occasion. Other than the workplace, this nail art can be worn anywhere and it would impress.

Cute Tip Nail Design

cute tip nail design


It doesn’t always require the whole fingernail to be painted. Drawing patterns on your nail tips can looks cute when you select the right designs. Available in a variety of patters and shapes, choose the one that accentuates your fingers rightly.

Blue Swirl Vintage Nails

blue swirl vintage nails


If you are looking for a classy evening, these solid blues with a hint of white floral patterns can be a good idea. A variety of nail paint can be used for this art but the best fit is one that is glossy and doesn’t keep layers.

Pink and White Nail Design

pink and white nail design


If you are looking to sport raw vintage patterns, these are probably the best examples how they can be worn on your fingernails. Needless to say, it will take a bit of effort to have it done!

Pointy Rhinestone Nail with Glitters

pointy rhinestone nails with glitter


These pointy nail art patterns and accessories can be worn on special occasions and will look cool. However, make sure that you take good care of them all throughout the day!

Peach Gel Nail Design

peach gel nail design


Leopard Print Glitter Nails

leopard print glitter nails


Vintage Nail Art With Bow and Crystals

vintage nail art with bow and crystals


French Tip Coffin Nails Design

french tip coffin nails


Yellow Halloween Nail Art Design

yellow halloween nail art design


Easy Pink Vintage Nail Design Picture

easy pink vintage nail design


Simple Purple Nail Art Idea

simple purple nail art idea


Black Polka Dot Nails With Silver Glitter

black polka dot nails with silver glitter


Dark Vintage Nail Art

dark vintage nail art


Multi Color Stripe Nail Design

multi color stripe nail design


Retro Coffin Nails Design Picture

retro coffin nails design picture


Got any other vintage nail art design idea? We would like to hear from you. Do share your hidden talents with our readers!

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