Flaunt the fish nail design on your nails in aquatic and stunning color combinations. Inspired from the water world, this is the latest trend in the nail art that is catching up. Shades of blue are pleasing, whether on nails or on clothes. Instead of wearing solid colors in blue on your nails, try these fish motifs with a twist.

These mermaid nail designs make your fingers look feminine and artistic. Stick- ons, nail decals, and other techniques are used to create this effect on the nails.

Inspired from the deep blue sea water, this nail art design has shades of Prussian blue with stenciled motif of fishes in white color. It gives a kitschy look. Only teenage girls who have very fair skin tone can try this design.

This shimmery bluish green background on the nails is superimposed with white color waves. Not a very aesthetically pleasing design. Wear it with clothes that have geometrical prints and cuts. Girls in their pre teens can wear this design. You may also see Ocean Nail Art Designs

Fish Skelly Nail Design

fish skelly nail design


Colored in random colors of black and grayish lavender background, this is the motif of skeletal fish design in white color. Only one nail is painted in black and the other in light lavender. The rest of the nails have this motif on a black background. Only bold and creative women can try this.

Fish Bone Nail Art

fish bone nail art


A dash of colors in metallic sea green, pink, brown, grey against a white background gives it a layered look. This is a motif that has colorful lines placed in the shape of a hut. Women who love vintage and retro clothes can paint their nails with this design.

Gold Fish Nail Art

gold fish nail art


This is one of the unique nail designs. It gives a 3D effect to the nails. The oceanic motif is colored in light blue background only half way through, above the nail. A single fish in light peach color is painted with white and black circular eyes. Women of all ages can go for this design.

Jelly fish Nail design

jelly fish nail design


This is a white jellyfish design painted on a light blue background. Not a very artistic one. If you love jellyfish and want to try something funny, go for it! This is a fun design for women with a good sense of humor.

Underwater Fish Nail Design

underwater fish nail design


These beach nail art designs are willowy. They look like posters painted onto nails. This design has the underwater oceanic life painted onto the nail. With aquatic plants, starfish, and a blue background, this is an elegant design to try. No age bar to paint them on your nails.

Blue Fish Nail Art Idea

blue fish nail art idea


All types of fishes are painted against a turquoise background. Funky nail art is suitable for teenage girls. This looks good on short nails that are round or conical in shape. Do not try this if you have long, pointy, fingernails.

This is a beautiful nail design made with glossy nail polish. Painted in deep blue and black background, the fish fins design is placed artistically in deep sea green color. The shimmer of glitter adds to the beauty of this design.

Women who have a sharp and an intimidating personality must try this design. Sharks with open mouth showing their teeth are painted on top of really long nails. Painted in matte blue, white, and grey, it gives a clipart look to the nails.

Beautiful Fish Nail Design

beautiful fish nail design


Bright Blue Fish Nail Art

bright blue fish nail art


Purple and White Fish Bone Nails

purple and whte fish bone nials


Fish Bubble Nail Art

fish bubble nail art


Polka Dot Fish Nail Design

polka dot fish nail design


Purple and Black Nail Design

purple and black nail design


Most of the nail art is DIY. You can do it at home, if you have decals, stamped material, and a thin paint brush. You can play with colors, textures, and motifs. Think of any theme and try it on! Do not forget to pamper your nails regularly. The latest in vogue are the beach toe nail designs.

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