Fashion has spread out its wings to such an extent that even the smallest parts of the body, such as the nails, are to be devoted a lot of time for maintenance and styling. This is where the concept of nail art comes into the picture. One of the nail art designs which are extremely popular is the cloud nail art design. The cloud nail art can be done using different attractive patterns and designs, some of which are displayed below:

Blue Cloud Nail Design

blue cloud nail design


The cloud nail art design that is extremely popular among the females is the cloud nail art design. This is perfect for teenagers who are not addicted to perfection as making this design does not require any accuracy. To get this design right, all you need to do is to put two small white dots on a blue background and connect the dots, which results in the formation of a cloud.

Gradient Cloud Nail Art

gradient cloud nail art


At the second spot is the gradient cloud nail art design, which makes use of some amazing colors. This design is considered to be best for those who are extremely stylish and want to stand out in the crowd. Each nail is beautified with a different design, such as stars, images of fairies and clouds. You may also see Ocean Nail Art Designs

Pastel Cloud Nail Design Idea

pastel cloud nail design idea


Next up on this list is the pastel cloud nail design art. This design is specifically for those who are extremely girly and bubbly in nature. This design looks very beautiful as it makes use of unique pastel shades, such as baby pink, light blue, mauve and light purple.

The cloud effect nail art comes at the next position on this list. This is an extremely sober design as it does not make use of any striking colors. A light blue background is given, on which, an extremely faded cloud is made. This is perfect for those who are stylish yet simple.

Pretty Cloud Nail Art Design

pretty cloud nail art design


At the fifth spot is the pretty cloud nail art design. This design looks extremely pretty as the clouds made on the nails look very beautiful on the amazing backdrop with attractive colors. This is best for those who are highly style conscious.

Easy Cloud Rainbow Nails

easy cloud rainbow nails


Next up on this list of amazing cloud rainbow nail art designs is the easy cloud rainbow nail design. In this particular design, which is particularly for those who are highly feminine and love colors, each nail is decorated with a different design, such as, colorful dots, ice-creams, rainbow, and clouds. The rainbow nails look extremely colorful and amazing.

Cloud Nails With Rhinestones

cloud nails with rhinestones


At the seventh spot is the cloud nail design with rhinestones. This design looks amazingly attractive due to the rhinestones that are used to decorate the nails. Even though the design is simple, the rhinestones make it more appealing. This is perfect for those who are extremely sophisticated and stylish to the core.

Black Acrylic Cloud Nails

black acrylic cloud nails


The next design, which is the black acrylic cloud nail design, is totally out of the box as it looks highly unique and completely different from all the other designs. This design is particularly for those who love to have a unique style of their own.

The gel cloud nail design comes next up on this list. This design is extremely easy to make as it does not require a lot of decoration. On a blue background, the cloud is just spread out in a very uneven manner. This is perfect for those who are extremely busy in their lives and do not have much time to dedicate to style.

Fluffy Clouds Nail Art Idea

fluffy clouds nail art idea


Last, but not the least, is the fluffy clouds nail art design. This design looks extremely cute. The design is simple and stylish at the same time. It is designed for those who wish to keep things simple.

Cute Cloud Nail Art for Square Nails

cute cloud nail art for square nails


Unique Cloud Nail Art Idea

unique cloud nail art idea


Cool Blue Nail Art Idea

cool blue nail art idea


Best Unicorn Nails Design

best unicorn nails design


Cloudy Summer Nail Art

cloudy summer nail art


Cloud Nail Art for Almond Nails

cloud nail art for almond nails


Lovely Cloud Nail Art for Short Nails

lovely cloud nail art for short nails


Grey Color Cloud Nail Design

grey color cloud nail design


Developed by Jane of Nailside, this concept of cloud nail art has become a rage among the teenagers who wish to look stylish and trendy. Another amazing design which is considered to be trendy is the sunset nail art, in which, the nails are decorated with images of beaches, palm trees, and birds flying. The increasing popularity of this nail art is due to the ease with which it can be done.

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