When we say ‘frog nail art’, you must be thinking it is a crazy idea. But think of those frogs you’ve seen in animated movies like Frog and the Princess. Those were adorable, right? How about we tell you that these cute frogs can make a wonderful design as a nail art. We stormed all over social media to find some really adorable frog nail art designs and we suggest you try them at least once.

Frog Toe Nail Art

frog toe nail art


This design is cute and the pink and green combination is a perfect blend. The frog is drawn out so cutely and this toenail design has come out really well. You might need a little patience to get this right but in the end, it is a very funky design.

Frog Leopard Nail Design

frog leopard nail design


This cute animal nail design is a combination of leopard print with frog colour on it. This combination may sound weird but the combination looks hot. The green frog drawn on every finger is something that makes the design look funky.

Gel Frog Nail Design Idea

gel frog nail design idea


Black and green have always been a good combination especially if the green is in the shape of a frog. The entire frog has been captured on the nails. This can be done at home and it would go well with your casual outfit.

Glitter Frog Nail Art

glitter frog nail art


Glitter always makes your nails look radiating even if it has frogs on it. The frog design only on the tip of the nails is very creative. The glitter adds special effects and overall this is a very creative design.

Frog Nail Art for Short Nails

frog nail art for short nails


Having short nails is not a problem anymore. There are creative designs even for that; the cute frog nail design is very delightful to look at. The light and dark green combination is perfect and the frog design looks very funky.

Prince Frog Nail Art Design

prince frog nail art design


We have all heard of the famous story of the princess kissing the frog and the frog turning into a prince. This nail design is based on the same theme. The first look at the nail design with the colours and glitters gives us a fairytale feel already. The way each character is drawn is wonderfully done. This is one of the prettiest designs we have seen.

This blue matte nail paint looks pretty. The whole design looks chic and mod. This again is made to look like it is out of a storybook with the perfect drawing of the frog and the grass. Who would have thought that blue and green would blend in so well?

Happy Frog Nail Design

happy frog nail design


This is again a storybook based theme where there are clouds, rainbow, and a frog prince. This design can be done for a special occasion with a beautiful gown. We love how there is no extra nail paint apart from the designs. Makes it look very natural.

This design is for women with pointy nails. There is one frog drawn whereas the others have the color of the frog-green. The purple is just to add an extra effect to it.

Cartoon Frog Nail Art

cartoon frog nail art


This is the funkiest and cutest design we have seen. The frog faces looks so cute on the nails and the design is well thought off and well executed.

Orange Frog Nail Art

orange frong nail art


Minion Frog Nail Design

minion frog nail design


Cute Frog Nail Design

cute frog nail design


Silver Frog Nail Art Idea

silver frog nail art idea


These ten designs are something that you are going to fall in love with once you get them on your nails. They are different, funky and very creative.

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