Nail art is a trend which every woman loves to follow as it gives you a break from the same old and mundane nail polish color. A trend in the field of nail art designs, which has become a rage among girls and women, is crackle nail design. Crackle nail polish is an amazing product made from ethanol.

Once you apply it, the nail polish colour dries up quickly and results in a cracked or shattered appearance on your nails. This design makes your nails look extremely attractive. Besides this, acrylic nail designs have also taken the world of fashion by storm. Some awesome crackle nail designs are displayed below:

Leopard Crackle Nail Designs

Leopard Crackle Nail Designs Source

Leopard prints have been a craze among women, be it on clothes, bags or shoes. You can now flaunt them even on your nails. Leopard crackle nail designs look extremely chic and stylish. This design is perfect for those who wish to stand out in a crowd.

Black and White Crackle Nail Art

Black and White Crackle Nail Art Source

Black and white is a classic color combination, particularly in the world of fashion. This color combination is a safe bet and perfect for any occasion. It adds a touch of boldness and smartness to your outfit.

Shatter Crackle Nail Art Idea

Shatter Crackle Nail Art Idea Source

Next up is the shatter crackle nail art idea. Shatter nail polish is considered to be the best and easiest option to give a unique look to your nails. This is applied on top of the normal nail polish and once applied, it shrinks to form a shattered layer.

Glitter Crackle Nails

Glitter Crackle Nails Source

At the next position are the glitter crackle nails. Once this nail polish is applied, the effect is such that it seems like some amazing nail art is done. This has become a trend nowadays. The glitter makes the nails more attractive.

Teal Crackle Nail Art

Teal Crackle Nail Art Source

At the next spot is the teal crackle nail art. Even though it is simple in looks, it has a very nice appeal. This is perfect for those who wish for a simple yet stylish look.

Crackle Nails with Rhinestones

Crackle Nails with Rhinestones Source

Rhinestones are the best way to add a touch of glamour and style to your nails and when they are applied on crackle nails, there is nothing like it. This combination looks extremely mesmerising.

Pastel Crackle Nail Art Idea

Pastel Crackle Nail Art Idea Source

Next up is the pastel crackle nail art idea. This design has become extremely popular among girls due to its feminine look. Even though it looks simple, people will definitely notice your nails due to the beauty of the pastels.

Short Crackle Nail Design

Short Nails Crackle Design Source

At the next position is the crackle nail art for short nails. This has been designed for individuals with short nails. This design makes even short nails look beautiful and attractive.

Long Crackle Nail Art

Long Crackle Nail Art Source

Coming up next is the long crackle nail art. This design is made especially for people with long nails. Long nails do look amazing, but, this nail art enhances their beauty.

Pattern Crackle Nail Art

Gel Crackle Nail Art Design Source

Next up is the gel crackle nail art design. In this design, a gel is applied to the base and then crackle nail polish is applied. This combination results in amazing and mesmerising nails.

Blue Crackle Nail Art

Blue Crackle Nail Art Source

Awesome Crackle Nail Design

Awesome Crackle Nail Design Source

Easy Crackle Nail Art

Easy Crackle Nail Art Source

Colorful Crackle Nail Design

Colorful Crackle Nail Design Source

Shimmering Crackle Nail Art

Green Glitter Nail Art Source

Chocolate Crackle Nail Art

Chocolate Crackle Nail Art Source

Crackle Toe Nail Art

Crackle Toe Nail Art Source

Violet and Silver Crackle Nails

Violet and Silver Crackle Nails Source

Gel Crackle Nail Design

Dazzling Crackle Nails Source

Swirl Crackle Nail Design

Lace Crackle Nail Design Source

Anchor Crackle Nail Art

Anchor Crackle Nail Art Source

Crackle nail designs are all about imagination and creativity. Usually, women remove their nail polish when it starts to crack, but, nowadays, cracked nail polish has become a trend. Some other nail art designs which have become equally popular are Shellac nail art designs, which are done by applying nail polish, which is a combination of the normal nail polish and the gel nail polish and rainbow nail art, which gives a colorful touch to the nails. If you wish to leave a mark in the fashion arena with your beautiful nails, crackle nails are the best option for you.

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